Tuesday, 1 March 2011

ohh errr

So, I'm hoping that you read news papers and know about the shiz going down with ol' Galliano right now! 
Now first things first, what he done was down right out of line and a total head fcuk (im not about to swear on my blog peeps) because now everyone things he's one big bag of crazy!
But when I saw the video on BBC news it seemed like the couple he was slurring at were laughing, no? 
Suuurrree he needs to learn to contain the crazy, and let it out ONLY, and i mean only, when no one is around! particularly if the people you are discriminating against aren't around dude!
At least no one got physically hurt in this. well apart from Doirs sales, anyone who buys something Doir now, people are gona stare. 

However, I hear that Mel Gibson is looking for a suit to wear to his court appearance about beating the shiz outa his wife, MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN!

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