Sunday, 13 March 2011

love in 90 minutes

So I'm currently in bed, waiting for my 90 minutes of teeth bleaching to be over (not one of those naff pack you buy from Savers, got it from my dentist about a year ago and still haven't finished it...oops) and I switch on 4OD and am watching the Model Agency.
Firstly, yes it's pants telly, but everyone loves to hate pants telly and if you don't watch it you don't know.
Howeverrr whilst watching I saw this little beaut! 
Now although when I first saw this I thought that it was just someone who has a massive love for shoulder pads, but thinking about it more I quite like the texture and construction....
Another late night boring blog post I know, but what else am I going to do... ninety minutes are almost up now!!
(more interesting post will be coming soon, once I hand in my final assignment for this term) 
H. x

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