Thursday, 10 March 2011

Yamamoto Yohji

Yamamoto Yohji is possibly my favourite designer, his aesthetic is texture not colour, and is one of the few (if only) people who can bring this to the table successfully. 
I fist found out about him when I was 16, doing my Art A-s level. And immediately answered my teachers constant questions of "but is fashion really art???" they still dont believe me. But clearly Yamamoto's work is proof. 
I'll start those of you not familiar with his work with a very typical YY design. There is something so wearable about it, yet so unwearable. 
Due to his main colour pallet consisting of black the detailing goes a miss in photographs. If anything this just adds to the allure of his work, unless you own a piece or work in his shops you will never understand the complexity of his work. You can only slightly see the draping on the front of this dress.
I personally LOVE this piece. It is very dreamy but dark at the same time. Yamamoto lets his clothing speak volumes, rather than the models which is something other designers are yet to discover!
He doesn't always restrict himself too much with the black pallets, but you will find it hard to discover a piece without black in it somewhere.
This piece is clearly demonstrating the lines of the female form, another attribute of his. I admire his work and one day hope to own it, although I would probably just hang in on my wall.

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  1. You´re right about dreamy and dark. I really like the first one for it´s simple shape.