Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Mr Monroe, Where Have You Been All My Life??

Alex Monroe is becoming a huge name in the jewellery industry. He grew up in the country side and this is clear in his work. Turning fine embellishments into an art form, his work has become widely available on the high-street. From Liberties, Selfridges and many other high-end boutiques in the city to small shops out in the sticks! & rightly so, his work is unimaginably beautiful. I will leave your eyes to prove it to you.

His website clearly displays his different collections, including my favourite, the classic feather. I am fortunate enough to have purchased this myself after spotting it on the Harrods website. I love that you can see the texture in the piece, and I simply cannot wait for it to arrive!!
 Along with the theme of feathers, there is also a bird/gardner collection. This bird pearl necklace at £138, is a snip in comparison to his other pieces. The detailing on the piece is exquisite and worth the price tag given to it.

Another area of his inspiration lies in peacock feathers, these earrings, like every other piece in his range are beyond attractive. They would be prefect on some young thing whilst holidaying on a remote beach somewhere.
Another feather piece, which I may need to open a credit card account for! at £150 it is more steep but still an investment piece, i can only imagine Monroe becoming bigger and better as the seasons fly by.
 It is designers like this that aid the age old argument of wither or not fashion is an art form or not. surely if you are spending £1,900 on a 'fashion ring' then you clearly have more money than sense however people spend thousands of pounds on 'art' pieces every day! (although i must say i use this excuse many times when i go shopping) Monroe's work is clearly that of an art form.
 Charms are another area of work for Monroe, this rabbit £300, can be attached to either a necklace charm or charm bracelet. 
Finally many of his pieces are influenced by none other than a twig. his rings are amazing, they give a sense of timelessness along with avant garde fashion.

I have simply run out of things to say about this amazing designer, if you look up effortless chic in the fashion dictionary you will find the words "Alex Monroe"...
H. x

Sunday, 5 February 2012

If You're Ears Are Burning, Find Some New Tunes

About three years ago I fell in love with a quirky blonde, with upbeat tunes and fashion taste even Donatello would be envious of.... Of course I'm talking about the Asteroids Galaxy Tour. 

Doing one of my many boredom searches on youtube caused my relentless fingertips to find this sweet little number, and the love story re-embarks on its third consecutive year. 

This is their new single for 2012, Heart Attack! 
And if you're scratching your noggin' wondering where you recognise the singer, Mette Lindberg, and vocals from, its the telly. They were featured on the i-pod adverts in 2008...  

....and then again in the Heineken advert last year!

It's fair to say you should have heard of them by now, and if you haven't I feel this blog post is basically doing a national service to you all! 
They are currently touring in America, but finish their last gig there on the 13th!! I would advise you to flock in your numbers if you are already over there!!
H. x

Friday, 3 February 2012

The Boy's Got Charm

My homage to Matthew Williamson, designer, businessman, stud muffin and all round dude. 
I don't seem to mention him enough on my blog, after all, the work that comes out of his fashion house is rather, well, something on another level to most other designers. He doesn't rely on his name to sell his clothes, he relies on his art work designs, intricate prints and amazing embellishments. 
These are some of my picks from his Spring 2012 collection, that I believe deserve special appreciation.
 No one can call themselves a slave to fashion unless they have had a night out with a clutch bag. Beyond annoying, because you will ALWAYS have one hand busy with your purse, this makes thing difficult when dancing. Personally, my hand jiving abilities have taken a hammering too, all due to the clutch bag. However, when they make them as beautiful as this, its kind of justifiable, besides hand jiving was only really cool when Danny and Sandi did it.
 This piece is a snip at £120, also comes in neon pink, green, yellow and black (dur). It's great to add that bit of sparkle to your holiday outfit, be it in Malaga or Dubai or even just down centre parks.
 Every year, girls (and guys) everywhere wait on the edge of their deck chairs, awaiting the announcement of what type of sunglass design is in. Well, this year I am throwing caution to the wind and buying mine before this announcement is made. Sod it. Who cares about sunglasses anyway, chances are you would have sat on them by mid June anyway.
These glasses mix several different styles to create this rounded shape, besides, when they cost £238 (i think) who is going to criticise what they look like?!

Scarves are the quintessential British accessory. And rightly so, featured in many typically British films, around the pale, slim, delicate neckline of a femme fatal or damsel in a fast car. Williamson makes the most beautiful prints for his scarves, and starting at around £250 (but we can wait for the sale) they are a great investment piece.

On to the dresses! The above is a bit of a purse pincher at £695, but if you've got the money, its such a pretty piece who wouldn't!! Bang on trend with the pastel colours, wide belt and dipping hem at the back.

And the piece of the part! This feather trip magnitude of a statement dress is beyond words itself. Also available in black, the staggering price point (over £1,000) is easy understood. Each feather was no doubt, hand stitched, as with the embellishments on it. 
I must say though, designers need to f-up their websites, Williamson's is the best i've seen by far, but no styling goes into it, and the look book is slightly awkward as it moves with your mouse. Sort it out fellas.
H. x

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Everyone's Talking About Gwyn!!!

And quite frankly, I can understand why! Her Harpers Bazaar cover is RIDIC!!! In fact it is so out of this world, I felt obliged to make this my first 2-in-1-day blog post, exciting stuff i know. 
So I am yet to pick up a copy of the US mag, but will probably scoop it up tomorrow as I'm going into central, and if there is anything worth posting I wont let you guys down! 

These images are quite simply stunning, the black geometric design flatters her body in ways only underwear usually does, it helps that she has a figure to die for. I'm also loving the retro-feel hair, something that has been predicted to make a return to the catwalk for a little while now. WATCH THIS SPACE! 

 I must admit though, I have never liked pant-suits or jump-suits, and I am yet to be converted by this image. I do think there are stronger pictures, but I have seen the subscribers cover and it is worth checking out!

The only issue (see what i done there, hehe -lame-) I do have with what i've read so far online is what she has said about her eating habits. Now I am not usually one to comment on these things, its the complete norm' for uber thin, toned and bangin' celebs to say they eat junk food all the time, when everyone knows they push half a celery stick around their plate for 17 minutes and call it dinner time. However ol' gwynie here is KNOWN for her macro-biotic diet yet said this: "I eat whatever I want. I like bread and cheese and wine, and that makes my life fun and enjoyable.” hmmmm you're interview is telling me one thing, yet your legs say something else.

Either way, I'm not going to judge (much) she is an amazing personality, I loved her on Glee, and I have huge hair envy right now. 

H. x

Magpie Jumpers & Pea Coats

A short update on what I’m wearing for the slow transition into harsher weather Britain is currently undergoing!

As per-usual, the Christmas season allowed us magpies to indulge in some glitter and sequin pieces. I have been embracing my inner magpie with the jumper I bought in the Zara sale, for £16.99 non the less! I have an old vintage shirt that did belong to my grandmother, its black with sturdy should-pads (another secret obsession of mine) which I have been wearing underneath. The black collar is bang on trend at the moment, and adds that bit of razzle dazzle to any outfit. As I am currently absent a camera man I was not able to photograph the shoes I usually wear with it (to be honest I don’t want this blog to turn into a photomontage of me so its probably for the best, I’m not that vain to do this all the time) But I have a black pair of Chelsea boots that are great for the day time and add a bit of originality to the look. ‘Cause, you know, I’m clearly the only person to ever own a pair of black Chelsea boots… ok maybe not but it adds that jour ne se qua !!

Also I popped into my local NEXT outlet store (Choice, to those familiar with Harlow town) and found this beyond cute beige pea coat. Now, there is never such as thing as too many coats, like too many men, friends, A-Levels or lipsticks. I now have 15 coats, and counting by the looks of things. However, as I am prepping my wardrobe for my city break to Berlin I thought the coat would be rather suitable. It will go with basically everything and at £24.50 (down from £65) it was a big of a bargin. David Dickenson eat your mahogany heart out!

And that rounds up my “short” update. And for anyone who resides in London, I am going to the sale launch of the very trendy Frokney Rebel vintage store on Thursday (tomorrow/the 2nd) everyone should check it out!! (It’s on Cambridge Heath Road, opposite the station by Bethnal Green)

H. x