Thursday, 29 April 2010

Fashion Icons

Everyone has a fashion icon, wither its when your nan was young and a mod to agnes deyn, everyone has an image to aspire to, recently ive been surrounded by so many different styles i found that i had lost my own, a style that had previously set me apart from others (i live in a fairly small town) most of my clothing was second hand, and we have a wicked little charity shop which long story short sell beyond retro and rocket stuff for less than half the price! generally other people would have described my style as retro, anything from printed maxi dresses to old blazers with jeans, but suddenly i found myself thinking, what is my style at the moment?
Here is where the fashion icons come in, anyone can be your fashion icon and anyone who is having trouble sussing out their style can use an icon until they have slowly but surely altered it into their own life style.
Right now, my style icons are the olsen twins (MK for day Ashley for night), so baggy things that at the same time look sophisticated, or black blazers that look rather smart, one thing that i think people should never forget is that you dont have to constantly follow the same trend, i change my day to day wardrobe as it gives more confidence and generally people arent use to things that change they take more notice and generally i find more complements, even if had i worn the same style constantly i wouldnt have.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

The 40% rule for ultimate sexiness!

Being sexy in summer can be quite difficult, in the winter there is the option of blacks and deep red, which alone give a hint of sexiness, however in the summer there are pastels, creams and nude colours, being girly is seen more than being sexy or sophisticated, so ive set myself the challenge of finding ways to turn subtle into sophisticated.
Generally if i want to follow the "sexy not slutty" handbook i go by the 40% rule, only show 40% of bare flesh, legs or arms, not both, back and from the knees down or cleavage mixed with from the elbows down and just above the knees hem line, i find this works a charm as you wont be bothered by the men "out on the pull" but the men who came out for fun with their mates, and its always a sign when they ditch what they are doing to come over and talk to you.
For day time i would suggest a maxi dress, as with revealing clothes it draws attention to you but the people looking wont be thinking "oh dear lord wheres the other half of her outfit" but "wow she looks good" i cant explain why people do but its a fact that wearing long dresses draws the eye in. i would wear a plain or tribal patterned maxi with either wedges, clogs, ankle boots (generally a thicker heel to balance out the length of the dress) or if i was wearing flats brightly coloured pumps or vibrant sandals with an anklet. As seen in Phillip Lim

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

"yes i am... no i dont want to"

Whilst i was on holiday in cornwall, visiting our families local beach (watergate bay-its amazing check it out if your at that end of england) i suddenly realised that is was in fact Justin Lee Collins sat just slightly behind us with his wife and two adorable children. Of course it was his distinguishing voice that i noticed first, and then it was the fact everyone around was either staring or trying to make conversation with him.
What i found most amusing was the couple beside us, they had two children of their own, they had spotted JLC and decided to unpack stupidly close to our spot, something i thought was a bit off, there's like a unspoken of beach book of codes that states when the beach is empty you try to space yourselves out (we were there long be the couple and JLC). what was even stranger was the blatant ignoring of their own children untill JLC's childrens came over to them to play.
This slightly angered me, why on earth are people sooo fascinated by those in the public eye?! several families went over to them over the three hours my family was there, and all i was thinking was, his poor wife. every person went over to talk to the "celebrity" ignoring his wife, she sat there looking slightly bored, all they wanted to do was go to the beach and have some family time (well i assume) as if he had wanted attention surely he would have gone to central london and worn a giant tee-shirt saying "oh yes i am JLC" with "go on take a photo" on the back. therefore i think celebrities should all wear tee-shirts saying "yes i am" with "no i dont" on the back.
p.s. the man seemed very nice and friendly, considering how many people interrupted his family time and he managed to remain polite and considerate the entire time, not to mention his children had the funnest and sweetest laughs in the world!!

Saturday, 10 April 2010

one to watch

i think the one thing to watch this summer is maxi dresses, when they were "in" before it was simply that lots of celebs were wearing them, the public wasnt sure on how to make them look casual enough to get away with going to tescos or the cinema, but whats this?! now there are many basic maxi dresses available, newlook have some good simple black and general basic colour cotton style dresses, my advise for anyone not so sure about the trend is to carry a thin waist belt with you at all times and if you find yourself feeling a bit uncomfortable in your maxi slip the belt on and pull lots of fabric over the top, turning the maxi into a mid-length dress, something a bit less fashion forward.
if you want to go a bit more out there with your maxi i'd try getting them from indie boutiques, i found this amazing pastel floral maxi in a local indie in chelmsford, also dont be scared to look in shops you wouldnt normally, i must say there is no way you can make a "chavvy" maxi dress, as long as it isnt bedazzled!!
team with flipflops, wedges or converse (generally if you have a plain colour maxi) and the great thing about a maxi, it is a blank canvas for your accessories!

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Best to Access!

With spring upon us and summer around the corner season accessories are changing from knit, chunky, bold and bright to light, colourful, demure and statement!
accessory stables for summer;
  1. Handbag, all girls must have a summer basic handbag, this will depict your style for summer, wether its a canvas tote or a worn leather satchel this will set the mood! i suggest Vera Bradley if you want a beautiful bag, made with love thats just on the left hand side of middle of the road!
  2. Shoes, cute flats, neutral wedges, strappy sandals or peep-toes are it for summer! and remember to transform your shoes from day to night by using anklets -note, these can be attached to the shoes too usually is there is a strap or loop! i LOVELOVELOVE these sandals by steve madden but remember always make sure those piggies are clean and painted if your getting you feet out!
  3. Necklaces, Bracelets and earrings, these MUST be even, too much on the top ie statement earrings AND necklace will look off balance, even things out, ie peacock feather earrings and chunky bangles i think THE best place to buy these from on the high-street is accessorize, its fair prices with good brand image, if your on a very low budgets do not dismiss primark, as not many people will think of mixing and matching use existing items in your possession and mix with new, its a cheap way to get retro!
  4. Finally! something you may be yet to consider, and i may say that this is for the more daring or those who dont mind people admiring the heck out of your style! HEAD PIECES! this summers must have, last year they were slowly edging their way in with muted plates across the fringe/forehead area, now-BOOM- they are all over the high-street and not just in the shops, the fashion forward are wearing them too quite literally ON THE HIGH STREET! this is something that anyone can do, anything from a quirky little hair clip keeping your fringe to the side to a full on telephone on you face! play with it but make sure you follow the tip of matching to your hair and eye colours, it will make or break your outfit!