Saturday, 31 March 2012

Let's Go Monochrome

A big trend hitting the city faster than you can say 'spring wardrobe' is monochrome, its flash without being busy, and that works for me!
The great thing about monochrome is that it basically consists of black and white, and who doesn't have black and white items in their wardrobe already!! I'd suggest a few investment purchases though, just to add a bit of flare to the look.
This top is from Cos, and at £45, its a pretty decent purchase for the summer, wear with the monochrome trend or with a pair of denim short-shorts and sandals to give off a 'summer in the city' chic look!
Arguably, J-brand jeans are one of the best brands to purchase denim leg wear from, personally I am quite fond of the new curve range at Levi's and Not My Daughters Jean's (although quite frankly, the name had me at hello, and i cannot wait to go back!) These come in at a fair amount higher than my last student finance instalment will allow, £250, but I'm sure someone, somewhere, out there, will be able to blow their hard earnings on these babies!!
For those of you, like myself, who are watching the purse strings, try these on for size! Wet look leggings are all over this monochrome trend like flies to sh- - (oops) and at £18, what is there not to love?!?! 
Now i'm getting to the good stuff, shoes and accessories!! These nifty little numbers are from River Island, and yes I own not one but two pairs of these now, in white and in black... i am yet to wear the black ones but i guess this is the price you pay for owning too many shoes, i think i can live with this. £40. They also have a hidden wedge, which makes them super comfy and gives that slimmer leg (girls i know you know what i'm talking about, when you wear heels and your legs instantly become a size smaller?!? yes? thought so!)
 I am actually in love with this clutch bag from Zara, at £59.99 its a snag! and it has a bangle feature which means if you lose you're grip throughout the night its not going anywhere! PERFECTION. 
And finally, to complete the monochrome look you need some kick-ass accessories, GoGo Philip one of my favourite designers for jewellery on the high-street, prices generally dont go above £30 and start at about £10! this necklace is £15 and when you are adding to monochrome outfits the bigger and bolder the piece the better, stick to one simple colour, like gold or silver in order to give off that effortless feel to your outfit.
H. xx

Friday, 30 March 2012

Strike A Pose

It has come to my attention that I have been working on my dissertation too much, darn me and my book-worm-ing ways (if that is a phrase) so I thought I'd post about the thing that distracts me most from my work... Magazines, particularly Vogue. Now I'm not going to lie, the mass amount of adverts get my bloody boiling.

 I mean, it's basically £5 for a magazine that is 40% adverts, 20% girls who need a maccy-d's, 35% things I cannot, and will never, be able to afford and 15% mind bogglingly high fashion, yet it has me acting like a school girl ever time i purchase one. Vogue has got something special about it. 

This is a fact, its not my opinion, I'm sure there has been market research, scientific test, highly scrutinised results that all point to the FACT Vogue has something all the other magazines want. And boy do their covers prove that. This is a small collection of covers that have got my hands in my purse, searching for those extra pounds needed to purchase...

 Lily Donaldson is possibly my favourite model at the moment, her work with Aldo for their shoe campaign was beyond anything I have ever seen before... in my life... made me want more shoes... 

 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley oozes sex appeal in this, and no doubt, made me part with my coffee money for this issue, I was caffeine deprived but fashion high that day!

Personally, I think any photograph of Natalia Vodianova that hasn't got her mind-blowing pins in them is a waste of film! and no doubt this photograph also started one of those two week long diets, where we start and never finish, but boy she has a pair on her! ( pair of legs of course)

So that is it for now folks, promise to distract myself from my dissertation with blog posts more!! 

H. x

Friday, 23 March 2012

So i'm not feeling a fashion post today, well not completely, this weather makes me feel the need to turn my ipod on full blast and listen to the summeriest tunes to will the weather to get even better!

And what little gem of tun-age have i found recently? only a little darling who goes by the name of Florrie. You might recognise her from the Nina Ricci purfume advert (i'm pretty sure she even sang the tune for the ad too!)
Introducing the so very talented, Florrie, model, drummer, chic-beast. I have face envy right now. 
This is probably, almost, definitely my favourite song from her EP and guess what?? you can get it for free on her website!! 
This girl is going to go very, very far, watch this SPACE!
H. x