Sunday, 10 April 2011


This season hot list hand bag is..... its not about the bag!!! Its about how your holding it! 

Thats right peeps, doesn't matter if its Louis V or Evie its the way your clutching that bad boy!

So little miss moss has "started" this craze, however I think its fair to say that you hold a bag however the hell you wish!
So I'll start you off with the "clutch it to your chest" its simple enough, one arm across your body so it is just below your shoulder, bag in between your arm and body, this Topshop black leather clutch is perfect for this, and at £60 it will hardly break the bank. Big enough to carry a pair of flats on a night out or you i-pad in the day!
This is the "if you can afford it" alternative, at £980 this Louis Vuitton black clutch is much smaller, about 12' I believe, but without a doubt a thing of beauty!
This is the Dora Sweet bag by Lanvin, at a jaw dropping £1055 this WILL break your bank but its potentially wwi (well worth it!) hold this with a loose arm, pulling your finger tips around the bottom, leaning against your leg. Just be wary not to stuff it too heavy or this new holding technique will become hazardous (to the bag obviously!)
This is my alternative to the Lavin above, from urban outfitters it is priced at £102, rather random but pretty cute if you ask me! It comes in many different colours, and goes with the colour pop trend working its rounds this summer, I love the yellow, orange, pink, well all of the colours but i dont have that many 100's in my bank ... yet!
This is my ultimate holiday clutch! Hold as any of the above, or squished between your armpit and arm, like you would with a piece of paper. It is from Accessorize and hits only £32! embroidery will be hitting the scene pretty soon and snap this up before other people cotton on and become an opinion leader! Perfect for a holiday in the sunshine or team with a maxi and go for a stroll around London or Cambridge. Also, seeing as everyone is talking about weddings now I would say this would be a smash hit at one of those!
H. x

Friday, 8 April 2011


Erdem has been hitting the fashion headlines since it first started encapsulating feminity back in 2005, Erdem Moralioglu, from Montreal - Canada (WHEY -for those who don't know my father is canadian)  studied at the Royal College of Art.
But, to the clothing, well it pretty much speaks for itself, and if those words are falling on deaf ears then the BFC award he won in 2010 will speak instead!
These little pop tarts are from his A/W collection, no they have now gone into sale, but are still out of reach for perishing students like myself! But I'm not going to give up hope, these make me want to spray paint my shoes! I'll let you know if I get the balls to do it later!
Clearly, the whole "flower shop explosion" thing is going to be big this season, after sifting through his website there was a lot of this.
Personally I'm not too keen on these pants but I am lovelove-loving the shift shirt and matching pastel coloured wrapped peep toes.

This dress has been copied like no tomorrow all over the highstreet, hit topshop, primark, newlook, Dorothy Perkins or H&M and you will find something very similar. Class it up with some expensive looking accessories to give it a more Erdem look.
This stunning piece of fabric is my up most favourite piece from the catwalks of SS12 so far! Mixing vintage, maxi and floral trends - how could it be wrong!

Its more than fair to say that this guy knows what he is doing, so many designers say that they "know the female form" but this guy, WOWZIERS! 

H. x

Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Sooooo, fellow fashion followers. Whats gona be hot this summer? ? ?
thats right, the florescent yellow top you have been shamefully hiding all these years (im sure we can all relate here) is actually IN STYLE now! be proud of yourself, back then people were all "what arrrre you thinking???" when really you are just sooooo blindingly ahead of the times! 

So lets get down to it, shall we? Well right now the only store that has really hit me is .... Zara! wowziers! that place has the colour pop trend about as down as the knickers in amsterdam! 

I like how Zara has created their garments, the colour pop trend isn't an easy thing to pull off, topshop will take on the floral side of the trend, as always wanting to cater to the florence welches of the world, but Zara, now this sh!t is hot! The garments themselves are of a slightly higher quality, reflected in their prices (typical!) but the simplicity of them make you literally have to stop and stare.
Now, for my "if you're a p^ssy" piece:
Now it is completely understandable that not many people out there will want to adopt the love child that is colour pop, however, fear not amigos! I give you, white and black! haha! I realise that you are probably thinking, these are not bright colours. congrats your not colour blind! 

Pop a bright belt, bag, scarf, even something a little as shoes and matching nail polish will help create the colour pop trend affect, but without the risk of looking like a peacock.
Where might you find such things you ask? Well, scarves - vintage is ALWAYS best if you ask me, and if you can get down there by the 10th of April selfidges pop up oxfam shop has hella good offers on brightly coloured scarves. Belts - Primark, if you can stand the hussle and bussle of the place then head to the belt section, and get a few different colours, or if your feeling frisky get the same colour in different shades (ohhh naughty) make sure they are as thin as possible and wear them together, or get one block colour in a thick. 

Bags - everywhere, block colour bags are everywhere right now, but american apparel have a wicked range of clutches with a big metal zipper that are very on trend right now. The above is in white but they have a range of colours, they are currently sold out so check ebay, or be patient!
Nail polish, as mentioned in a previous posting, Barry M nail paint is the best around! It is less likely to chip within the first two days of wearing it and removes like a dream!
Shoes to match the nail polish? I have found this amazing pair of orange (wait till u look at them) heels from there for a mere £44.99 which would look amazing this summer, wether your stuck in the city, or on a beach in dubai!

On that note, I think it is fair to say that you are officially prepared for the hottest summer trend, so go forth and multiply! (your wardrobe that is... duuurrrr)

H. x

Random in Camden

 For my final project for my foundation degree I have to produce a project on a brand expansion, I have chose HMV, moving them into the clothing market.
 I decided to take an inspirational shopping trip around Camden and Brick Lane eariler in the week. I love the above image, nothing says "i'm one of those people who like to take artsy photos when really i suck" like the spokes of the bike.
 This is Hollie, you will be seeing a lot more of her on here, behind her is this amazing piece of street art that I discovered whilst walking back to Liverpool Street from Rough Trade (music shop, and a massive MUST SEE)
You cannot see the image properly but the brown that creates the image has actually been carved!
I'm going to assume that literally everyone who has been to Camden must have seen this. I love all of the random-ness of Camden right now.
But needless to say I need to be doing a lot more than this in order to get the grades I want, so I wont have a lot of time to be spending on blog spot any time soon, but I have an ace or two up my sleeve for the next time.
H. x