Thursday, 23 June 2011

LCF Fashion Show 2011: WOWZIERS!

The London College of Fashion end of term fashion show was something unexpected, I managed to wangle a ticket off a close friend of mine who was participating in the show and boy am I glad I did! These are my personal highlights of the show. 
The First was a creation which resembled Erdem, a Canadian designer I have mentioned previously, the obvious floral influences make this garment, the only part i would change myself is that it wouldn't be so sheer and see-through. This was from the second years collection.

 The next highlight of the night was the Third years collections, the outfits were well put together, well styled and hit the spot for a/w trends! (and yes if you are wondering that is the wonderful Sandra from 5 Inch and Up! )

This was a part of my friend's collection, designed as a uni-sex collection, with dresses for men and women which aren't based around the drag-queen-scene!

This is Jose Sel De Felipe, one part of the design team who created this non-gender dress. Need I really say that it is fabulous!?!?!
Overall the show was a hazy peek into the future of the london fashion scene, these are the designers of the future and they know what they are doing! 
Good Luck to everyone who exhibited at the show and congratulations to Jose for managing a catwalk in 5 inch heels! 

Monday, 20 June 2011

Goodbye LCF Hellooo Fashion Industry!!!

So last wednesday was my end of year party, in which I, along with my closest uni friends attended. Now to begin with I thought the concept of being on a boat on the Thames would be the ultimate end to the ultimate year.... the whole boat-booze-bigshoes thing didn't occur until I was fairly inebriated.. Clearly this was something that should have been pointed out on the invite.
The monday prior to this I did in fact hit the Selfridges Sale... and left with a dwindling bank balance! This is not something i revel in often, but seeing as I am graduating in July (and no doubt there will be another shopping trip for THAT) I thought I would treat myself!

And these are the little gems i walked away with!! They are still available at the Kurt Geiger sales, also in tan.

I wore this Aqua dress in black, which can be found on ASOS for £85
This dress has strong details and therefore hair needs to be kept off the back, I'd advise a scraped up pony tail, as found on the catwalk for Michael Kors as well as many others.
And a lovely friend let be borrow this beautiful French Connection clutch bag. The silver in the print really set the outfit off as the rest was a rather basic black. To keep warm on the boat I took an old Zara blazer, from 2007. 

I kept my make up simple, letting the clothing speak first, a good foundation is always key, I SWEAR by anything from Clinique, I added structure to my eyebrows and kept the eye make up simple, applying bronzer to my eyelids to give a natural colour and used Doir Mascara. I lent my trusty red lippy to a friend a while ago (you know who you are!) and so in a rush bought rimmle number 160 (i think) which turned out rather perfect really! Match it up with red nails and the look was complete! I'll put more pictures soon when I dare to sneak a peek at them, hoping my drunken antics didnt cause too much disgrace to the sims name!!
H. x