Wednesday, 30 March 2011

My uni is so much better than yours : it beats Charlie Sheen AND Chuck Norris

 So wonder about the library at LCF on John Princes Street and where do I find myself? Only in what I am now calling the secret garden! I took the opportunity to take some snaps of the place only to explain what an amazing find it is!
 Nothing beats sitting outside on a lovely day with a sh!t load of books that need reading being surrounded by what can only be described as a picture frame onto Oxford Street!
 For anyone who is looking to apply to LCF for studies, a picture is worth 1000 words, and these seem to be priceless images in my mind.
 This is my favourite, and is currently my Mac desktop background, it makes me realise how lucky I am to be living in London and that this summer I need to take advantage of it!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


(whilst going through an old photo album, *Pauline is my Grandpa's sister)

"Pauline has always looked mentally unstable... and ugly.... I was very worried if I had girls they would inherit this from your granddad, I can deal with the mental health, but I would have hated ugly children"


Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Lacoste is releasing a new collection for men, Lacoste L!VE.
And I must say that I !ove it! 
It makes me wish I was a bloke.... well not THAT much but you'll get the jist in a second...
This is possibly my favourite, and with it being a jumper, I could possibly get away with wearing it! Although I don't have a spare £150!! wowziers!
LOVELOVELOVE this jacket! It's very barbour-esk but with a hood (you can see from the grey by the top) and would look very urban chic with some cropped jeans and boat shoes (even though they are possibly very 'last summer' give it!) £215

This is a slightly more affordable piece, i say slightly though as it still stands at £105. and it is a tee-shirt! but the colours are very different for Lacoste which i l!ke. (and no the exclamation marks in words is not going to get old in this post thanks) 

It's about bloody time that there were some colour pop jeans out there for men, us girls have been rocking that look for a few seasons now, as we all know that trends are gender transferable, so here you go, for £150! 

Monday, 14 March 2011

Running Rings Around You!

Accessories are a valid part of dress and fashion, and for the last year or so rings have been making their mark on the world, this is still something a tad more avant-garde but when done right... it completes the quirky look.
The above image was taken back in october time, whilst i was working at topshop. 
I have sorted through the masses and masses of rings available on the Net and have come up with a little selection...
Now, when talking about rings in fashion, who would I be if I didn't mention the awe-inspiring YSL ring collection??? The above ring is $295 (cant be bothered to convert it to stirling) which means your bank account could take a massive hit, but realistically.... its a beaut!
And for those of you who have a similar allowance to me, this little number is from Topshop. £10, and lets be honest here, you cant go wrong with £10! when buying cheaper rings, the chances are that they are going to leave a lovely green ring around your fingers.. my tip? clear nail polish, coat it before you wear it and you won't be left with gangrene !

I love this design, by Dominic Jones, originally £405 but you, my dear friends, can pick it up from the Outnet for a mere £162... yes ok its hardly mere but its a good 60% off.
I'm adoring all the androgyny going on with this ring, and there are many copy-cat rings available on the high-street.

I was nicely surprised when I got these from my little sister for my 20th this year, and they work with practically every outfit i put together! (which either means they are very diverse or i am freeking good at dressing myself.... I'm not gona go with the latter)
Now a ring won't just finish the picture, you need some good polish!!
and I'm totally in love with Barry M nail paint. I've picked two key colours for this season.
These colours are Mushroom and Berry. and are £2.99! now you simply cannot go wrong with that!!
H. x

Sunday, 13 March 2011

love in 90 minutes

So I'm currently in bed, waiting for my 90 minutes of teeth bleaching to be over (not one of those naff pack you buy from Savers, got it from my dentist about a year ago and still haven't finished it...oops) and I switch on 4OD and am watching the Model Agency.
Firstly, yes it's pants telly, but everyone loves to hate pants telly and if you don't watch it you don't know.
Howeverrr whilst watching I saw this little beaut! 
Now although when I first saw this I thought that it was just someone who has a massive love for shoulder pads, but thinking about it more I quite like the texture and construction....
Another late night boring blog post I know, but what else am I going to do... ninety minutes are almost up now!!
(more interesting post will be coming soon, once I hand in my final assignment for this term) 
H. x

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Yamamoto Yohji

Yamamoto Yohji is possibly my favourite designer, his aesthetic is texture not colour, and is one of the few (if only) people who can bring this to the table successfully. 
I fist found out about him when I was 16, doing my Art A-s level. And immediately answered my teachers constant questions of "but is fashion really art???" they still dont believe me. But clearly Yamamoto's work is proof. 
I'll start those of you not familiar with his work with a very typical YY design. There is something so wearable about it, yet so unwearable. 
Due to his main colour pallet consisting of black the detailing goes a miss in photographs. If anything this just adds to the allure of his work, unless you own a piece or work in his shops you will never understand the complexity of his work. You can only slightly see the draping on the front of this dress.
I personally LOVE this piece. It is very dreamy but dark at the same time. Yamamoto lets his clothing speak volumes, rather than the models which is something other designers are yet to discover!
He doesn't always restrict himself too much with the black pallets, but you will find it hard to discover a piece without black in it somewhere.
This piece is clearly demonstrating the lines of the female form, another attribute of his. I admire his work and one day hope to own it, although I would probably just hang in on my wall.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Inspirational (national women's day)

So this is going to be a boring ol' post, but it quite simply has to be done! 
Rachel Zoe has been named Hollywood's numero uno stylist.
In the edition of The Hollywood Reporter, in which Zoe featured on the cover with her glorious baby bump, she had some very valid points to make. Normally I turn off whilst reading interviews but she has worked up from the ground and is clearly a strong female figure. Regardless of industry women with power should be celebrated! And Zoe definitely deserves some props for this!
 Sure she is no Michelle Obama, but she is still an inspiration to women all over the world. To put yourself out there and grab life by the balls and say this is what I want to do, and I'm gona bloody do it! 
Judy Dench and Daniel Craig recently shot a short video for International Women's day (which also collided with pancake day) and it has a very strong message, it might seem pointless talking about a successful stylist but the truth is that it is still so hard for women to be successful and this girl has worked her arse off!
Above is the video for women's day. 

Klein is fine!

So I have been anticipating the release of the new CK1 adverts, I got to preview all of them together whilst on a work placement and saw the CK show room (its beyond!!) 
It was shot in NYC, consists of:
a white cube
a video camera
some sh!t hot music
a hand full of models - including the beautiful Lara Stone
a pocket full of successful personalities - boxers, singers, athletes and generally cool people!

The adverts include, underwear (with some pretty hot crotch shots), jeans and purfume.
Now, you need to note that I haven't yet sussed the uploading of videos onto my blog, so if something is a bit off then I hold my useless blogging hands up!
But this vid is my favourite. But if you imagine this on a massive screen whilst standing in a giant safe style box, which is how i first viewed it, then you can realise just how effortlessly chic this really is.
Also if anyone knows the name of the song that hits at 16 seconds then please let me know!!! its hot and I want it like a pubescent boy wants playboy!

Enjoy my pretties!
H. x

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Steller Performance!

Stella McCartney's most recent runway show...
Playing with shape and contour is one of my favourite things, super nipped in waists or oversized sleeves. Not really sure about the fabric on this one but its certainly got something about it that makes you stare... probably the fact its GOLD! 
There was a LOT of black, but the shape of it makes it that little bit more special. I can guarantee that there will be a lot of this 'mis-shappen' style in coats and jackets come Autumn  
Oh yess. I did indeed save the best for last. Please take notes Marc Jacobs! This is how to do poka-dots! From the look of the fabric it might just be a mock-swede or velour which is FAB!
i really want this, or the topshop knock off which no doubt will be hitting the stores very soon!
PS note the mesh trend has subsided into something a lot more wearable!!

Oh Halston Halston Halson!!

So the OutNet are currently pushing Halston, one of my favourite brands!!
And my wish list is as long as my arm!

Monday, 7 March 2011


2011 had a lot of prospect in terms of music. Lots of great bands emerged and re-emerged in 2010, the XX, Adele, Mystery Jets, I could go on... 
However so far this year the only band that has really stuck out to me has been 'The Naked and Famous' to put it in simple terms, they are rather MGMT sounding but female vocals and a little more modern!
I would suggest their songs Punching in a Dream and Young Blood

However I have been much more into the old stuff so far this year.

Thin Lizzie's jail break has been on my youtube playlist for a while now and it never seems to get old!

And not forgetting 'hit the road jack' by percy manfield!! 
The perfect sound track to the beginning of the 5 months of sunshine we Londoners get!
(also mama said by the shirelles)
Thank god for youtube!!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

dip dye hair

Last summer was all about the bo-ho look, plaits and braids where all the rage. This year I am seeing a lot of dip dye (or di-dy as I'm calling it). I thought it was about time I put it out there!
Personally I thing that this will be a predominately blonde only thing, as the dye will look fairly blunt against darker coloured hair.
My one big tip for DIY di-dy would be to back comb parts of the hair you wish to dye before you dye it. Not massively but a little bit as this will create a slightly different length to your hair and therefore the dye will blend more, creating a more subtle look.
One of my friends (drop my style aka Iga) has recently dyed her tips pink and I have been considering doing it myself for a few weeks now.
I have red hair, my natural colour is blonde though, and I might just dye the tips orange. If i do I will make sure it is up here faster than you can say 'orange?' 
H. x

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Sh!t my nan says

My nan is a rather strange one. 
"Miley-saurus is that a dinosaur?"
"no nan i said miley cyrus, shes a singer...."


I JUST saw this Acne dress on the outnet for £98 and HAD to share this with you!
It is beautiful and it MUST be mine by my holiday in april!!


Everyone gathers ideas and imagination for their looks from their friends and family, here are mine....

Emma aka Emaphant - the sister

Age: 18
Look Day Time: Can't be bothered. jeans, tee-shirt and tights.
Night Time: Drunken scab. Short dresses, ripped tights, makeup half way across her face.
Most likely to say "fashion smashion, wheres my drink?!"
Most likely to be found: searching the house for alcohol
Sound like you??? Then get the look!
Basically think casual and maybe with a nice undone blouse over the top. MUST not try anything on when buying nor look in a mirror before leaving the house or it does not work!

Iga aka girly - the London best friend

age 21
Day time: comfy and fashionable! 
Night Time: Sexy chica!
Most likely to say "Do you like my shoes? I've got them in three different colours!"
Most likely to be found: in islington walking her bulldog Gabe
Sounds like you?? Then get the look! Blazers are a MUST! mix high street with new labels and always check ebay for secret bargins!

Sarah aka Nibblet - the fashion recluse!

Age 19
Day time: jeans and checkered shirt.
Night time: jeans and checkered shirt.
Most likely to say "Duuude"
Most likely to be found: clutching her beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other by the end of the night, mumbling something or other about where her drink has gone...
Sounds like you??? Then get the look!
Check, plad, tartan, the options are limitless! Its a good look because its rather effortless and great for traveling holidays!

Last but not least...
Hollie aka little mac - my home town bestie!
Age: 21
Day time: skirts and blouses with granma cardigans
Night time: vintage glam, black with red lipstick etc
Most likely to say "Let's go dancing! I wanna get out of this town"
Most likely found: In bethnal green at her sisters vintage shop
Sounds like you??? Then get the look!
Vintage is key! and Zara, hollie is queen of finding highstreet pieces that dont look highstreet! little booties for the day and retro heels for the night! 

Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Currently bold colours are making their way into our fashionable lives. Bright pinks, reds, purples, and the best bit you ask? Pink with orange! this is a trend that i LOVE and with summer hot on winters tail a fab tan will look marvellous with it!!!
I went on a trend shopping trip today and found some little beauts I will so kindly share with you!
Orange skirt from Zara (which i did buy...)

Acne Shorts £95
River Island shoes £64.99
Tibi dress £250
Zara Top £29.99

River Island top £29.99

Marni peep toe flats £250
The only rule that I would suggest following would be to make sure the fabric is good quality so you don't get snags or constant creasing. 
This is normally obvious when looking at the garment in stores, check as many of the same piece before you buy it and that should give you a good idea.
Other than that anything goes with colour blocking!!

ohh errr

So, I'm hoping that you read news papers and know about the shiz going down with ol' Galliano right now! 
Now first things first, what he done was down right out of line and a total head fcuk (im not about to swear on my blog peeps) because now everyone things he's one big bag of crazy!
But when I saw the video on BBC news it seemed like the couple he was slurring at were laughing, no? 
Suuurrree he needs to learn to contain the crazy, and let it out ONLY, and i mean only, when no one is around! particularly if the people you are discriminating against aren't around dude!
At least no one got physically hurt in this. well apart from Doirs sales, anyone who buys something Doir now, people are gona stare. 

However, I hear that Mel Gibson is looking for a suit to wear to his court appearance about beating the shiz outa his wife, MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN!