Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Everyone gathers ideas and imagination for their looks from their friends and family, here are mine....

Emma aka Emaphant - the sister

Age: 18
Look Day Time: Can't be bothered. jeans, tee-shirt and tights.
Night Time: Drunken scab. Short dresses, ripped tights, makeup half way across her face.
Most likely to say "fashion smashion, wheres my drink?!"
Most likely to be found: searching the house for alcohol
Sound like you??? Then get the look!
Basically think casual and maybe with a nice undone blouse over the top. MUST not try anything on when buying nor look in a mirror before leaving the house or it does not work!

Iga aka girly - the London best friend

age 21
Day time: comfy and fashionable! 
Night Time: Sexy chica!
Most likely to say "Do you like my shoes? I've got them in three different colours!"
Most likely to be found: in islington walking her bulldog Gabe
Sounds like you?? Then get the look! Blazers are a MUST! mix high street with new labels and always check ebay for secret bargins!

Sarah aka Nibblet - the fashion recluse!

Age 19
Day time: jeans and checkered shirt.
Night time: jeans and checkered shirt.
Most likely to say "Duuude"
Most likely to be found: clutching her beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other by the end of the night, mumbling something or other about where her drink has gone...
Sounds like you??? Then get the look!
Check, plad, tartan, the options are limitless! Its a good look because its rather effortless and great for traveling holidays!

Last but not least...
Hollie aka little mac - my home town bestie!
Age: 21
Day time: skirts and blouses with granma cardigans
Night time: vintage glam, black with red lipstick etc
Most likely to say "Let's go dancing! I wanna get out of this town"
Most likely found: In bethnal green at her sisters vintage shop
Sounds like you??? Then get the look!
Vintage is key! and Zara, hollie is queen of finding highstreet pieces that dont look highstreet! little booties for the day and retro heels for the night! 


  1. Love it! :D


  2. u biatch lol u have got a picture of when i was in US and was about to go to sleep i have my pjs on lol