Sunday, 6 March 2011

dip dye hair

Last summer was all about the bo-ho look, plaits and braids where all the rage. This year I am seeing a lot of dip dye (or di-dy as I'm calling it). I thought it was about time I put it out there!
Personally I thing that this will be a predominately blonde only thing, as the dye will look fairly blunt against darker coloured hair.
My one big tip for DIY di-dy would be to back comb parts of the hair you wish to dye before you dye it. Not massively but a little bit as this will create a slightly different length to your hair and therefore the dye will blend more, creating a more subtle look.
One of my friends (drop my style aka Iga) has recently dyed her tips pink and I have been considering doing it myself for a few weeks now.
I have red hair, my natural colour is blonde though, and I might just dye the tips orange. If i do I will make sure it is up here faster than you can say 'orange?' 
H. x

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