Monday, 7 March 2011


2011 had a lot of prospect in terms of music. Lots of great bands emerged and re-emerged in 2010, the XX, Adele, Mystery Jets, I could go on... 
However so far this year the only band that has really stuck out to me has been 'The Naked and Famous' to put it in simple terms, they are rather MGMT sounding but female vocals and a little more modern!
I would suggest their songs Punching in a Dream and Young Blood

However I have been much more into the old stuff so far this year.

Thin Lizzie's jail break has been on my youtube playlist for a while now and it never seems to get old!

And not forgetting 'hit the road jack' by percy manfield!! 
The perfect sound track to the beginning of the 5 months of sunshine we Londoners get!
(also mama said by the shirelles)
Thank god for youtube!!

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