Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Inspirational (national women's day)

So this is going to be a boring ol' post, but it quite simply has to be done! 
Rachel Zoe has been named Hollywood's numero uno stylist.
In the edition of The Hollywood Reporter, in which Zoe featured on the cover with her glorious baby bump, she had some very valid points to make. Normally I turn off whilst reading interviews but she has worked up from the ground and is clearly a strong female figure. Regardless of industry women with power should be celebrated! And Zoe definitely deserves some props for this!
 Sure she is no Michelle Obama, but she is still an inspiration to women all over the world. To put yourself out there and grab life by the balls and say this is what I want to do, and I'm gona bloody do it! 
Judy Dench and Daniel Craig recently shot a short video for International Women's day (which also collided with pancake day) and it has a very strong message, it might seem pointless talking about a successful stylist but the truth is that it is still so hard for women to be successful and this girl has worked her arse off!
Above is the video for women's day. 

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  1. Oh Daniel, you´re so fine..:D He looks amazingly good as a woman.