Monday, 14 March 2011

Running Rings Around You!

Accessories are a valid part of dress and fashion, and for the last year or so rings have been making their mark on the world, this is still something a tad more avant-garde but when done right... it completes the quirky look.
The above image was taken back in october time, whilst i was working at topshop. 
I have sorted through the masses and masses of rings available on the Net and have come up with a little selection...
Now, when talking about rings in fashion, who would I be if I didn't mention the awe-inspiring YSL ring collection??? The above ring is $295 (cant be bothered to convert it to stirling) which means your bank account could take a massive hit, but realistically.... its a beaut!
And for those of you who have a similar allowance to me, this little number is from Topshop. £10, and lets be honest here, you cant go wrong with £10! when buying cheaper rings, the chances are that they are going to leave a lovely green ring around your fingers.. my tip? clear nail polish, coat it before you wear it and you won't be left with gangrene !

I love this design, by Dominic Jones, originally £405 but you, my dear friends, can pick it up from the Outnet for a mere £162... yes ok its hardly mere but its a good 60% off.
I'm adoring all the androgyny going on with this ring, and there are many copy-cat rings available on the high-street.

I was nicely surprised when I got these from my little sister for my 20th this year, and they work with practically every outfit i put together! (which either means they are very diverse or i am freeking good at dressing myself.... I'm not gona go with the latter)
Now a ring won't just finish the picture, you need some good polish!!
and I'm totally in love with Barry M nail paint. I've picked two key colours for this season.
These colours are Mushroom and Berry. and are £2.99! now you simply cannot go wrong with that!!
H. x

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