Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Klein is fine!

So I have been anticipating the release of the new CK1 adverts, I got to preview all of them together whilst on a work placement and saw the CK show room (its beyond!!) 
It was shot in NYC, consists of:
a white cube
a video camera
some sh!t hot music
a hand full of models - including the beautiful Lara Stone
a pocket full of successful personalities - boxers, singers, athletes and generally cool people!

The adverts include, underwear (with some pretty hot crotch shots), jeans and purfume.
Now, you need to note that I haven't yet sussed the uploading of videos onto my blog, so if something is a bit off then I hold my useless blogging hands up!
But this vid is my favourite. But if you imagine this on a massive screen whilst standing in a giant safe style box, which is how i first viewed it, then you can realise just how effortlessly chic this really is.
Also if anyone knows the name of the song that hits at 16 seconds then please let me know!!! its hot and I want it like a pubescent boy wants playboy!

Enjoy my pretties!
H. x

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