Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Lacoste is releasing a new collection for men, Lacoste L!VE.
And I must say that I !ove it! 
It makes me wish I was a bloke.... well not THAT much but you'll get the jist in a second...
This is possibly my favourite, and with it being a jumper, I could possibly get away with wearing it! Although I don't have a spare £150!! wowziers!
LOVELOVELOVE this jacket! It's very barbour-esk but with a hood (you can see from the grey by the top) and would look very urban chic with some cropped jeans and boat shoes (even though they are possibly very 'last summer' give it!) £215

This is a slightly more affordable piece, i say slightly though as it still stands at £105. and it is a tee-shirt! but the colours are very different for Lacoste which i l!ke. (and no the exclamation marks in words is not going to get old in this post thanks) 

It's about bloody time that there were some colour pop jeans out there for men, us girls have been rocking that look for a few seasons now, as we all know that trends are gender transferable, so here you go, for £150! 


  1. Hmmmm....

    not too sure... its very, "if lego made clothes".... LOL!


  2. True Iga! but its summery and it's putting me in a good mood!