Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Lady GaGa Music video

Lady GaGa has inspired us all with her new music video, only she can pull off the all in one leopard print body suit with matching drivers cap! It doesn't take many fashion brain cells to say that she isn't just any old music artist, her videos have their hidden meanings which can be interpreted differently by every other person, one person in which was offended and stricken by her new video "Telephone" featuring Beyonce, saying it has explicit content which he wouldn't want his kids watching, saying that the two role models should have put more thought into who would be watching their video and the content involved. When i first heard this i could not help but laugh out loud, after years and years of music videos being discriminative towards women making them into sexual objects someone picks up on a music video where two females take a thelma and louise approach to music.
Music and the sexualisation of woman has in particular come to my attention when i was out recently for a friends 18th. This particular club was generally playing R&B remixes the tone suddenly switched when the song genera swapped from general dance tunes to typical sexualised songs, which as you can probably guess, was about men getting their leg over, but what shocked me most was the fact that the men in the club became more and more pervy and learchy, as if they were really listening to the lyrics and taking them to heart, thinking they can have whoever they want in this place.
Over new years eve a 17 year old girl was sexually attacked behind a club i know to be playing these kinds of songs, obviously you cannot blame music for the actions of young men, but i for one am SICK to death of having to listen to these songs when im out with my girlfriends and suddenly wondering why there is suddenly a bigger crowd of perverts trying it on.
H. x

Friday, 26 March 2010

Fur Faux Pas

I find myself wondering why the fashion world and particular people insist on selling and wearing REAL fur, and the argument i always get back from people is "well, do you eat meat? its exactly the same" well for those who actually are small minded enough to think like that no its not exactly the same. and for one i only eat free range meat, you don't get free range fur, organic fur or information on how the fur was caught and slaughtered. From what i know on meat -which is a fair amount as i use to be a vegetarian - it is generally done in a humane way if it has labels like "free range" on it.
I'm in no way belittling those who do own fur, its your choice to do so, personally i am against it but i would never have a full blown argument with someone who doesn't agree with me, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and make their own life choices but if you're considering buying fur the only advice i would give is to question the person/brand you buy from into how the animals are kept before so that you can have a clear mind when wearing it down the street.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Job Interviews

There really isnt a lot of good advice when it comes to job interviews, i personally find them quite easy, im fairly confident, assertive and find it easy to convey my thoughts, however my sister is the complete opposite, she gets very nervous and is normally quite shy and quiet. Therefore i have decided to compile a list of things to mention when being interviewed by a fashion company (generally just shop floor work):
  • Research, even if this is just the night before the interview find out about the brand, this not only shows that you know about the brand but that you had the initiative to do preparation for the interview.
  • Your accomplishments, anything from i can speak confidently in public as i use to read out loud in my old english class to i made a sale of £500 on a customer who was "just browsing" the trick is not to boast about yourself but to show how you can use experiences to gain skills which would be further useful in another scenario
  • Dress to impress, if you have to wear a suit alter something to make yourself stand out, wearing a red flower in your blazer pocket, or a head band that stands out, by having something no one else does people will remember you, this works well in group interviews as an employer may not remember your name but they will remember "the girl with the red flower"
  • The dreaded "why do you want to work for us" question. the short truthful answer "im broke and want some money" and to be honest i HATE this question, hello love id like you to take a moment, step back and take a look, im a teenager (or a twenty something) im applying for a minimum wage PART-TIME job, why on earth do you think i want this job???? Clearly you cant say this to a potential employer, i always stick to a shocked look, "who wouldnt want to work here, from what ive heard (insert a lie about someone you know who works in a DIFFERENT branch) says they love working for **** personally i would like to work for such an esteemed company" obviously these answers will always be different as each interview will be different, try to relate something about your personality to the brand, for example Topshop / i am studying fashion.
  • Hand shake, unless they reach for you do not raise you hand, it is seen as rude and demanding
  • Smile, a smile goes a long way, unless you have huge braces and yellow teeth.
  • make-up, minimal, however if you want to portray a certian look for example black eyes red lips then make sure it is perfect and clean at the same time.
  • Shoes, make sure its comfortable, the last thing you want is killer heels distracting you from answering important questions
  • timing, get there early, i usually have half the size of my normal breakfast then grab something while im waiting so i can make sure im there on time!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Capped Sleeves and other Fashion-Faux-Pas

Everyone has individual style and different attitudes towards fashion and clothing in general, if a picture is worth a thousand words an outfit is a priceless word count!
In my opinion there are a few no-nos for anyone who isnt build like a very tall twig, or a sense of self-respect:
  • Cap sleeves
  • Showing underwear
  • Clothes that are too small
  • Boot flare jeans with tight fitting tee-shirts (aka the white trash look, all u need is a trailer and a pink baseball cap with VonDutch on it)
The one thing that bothers me most is the cap sleeves issue, there seems to be this false rumour going around that they are flattering, this is a HUGE lie one which i believe was told from one girl to another when the question of "does this make my arms look fat" came up, clearly this other woman either was one of those friends who hates anyone who looks better than them, or was BLIND! which is still no excuse!

so to mothers everywhere SAY NO TO CAP!


Saturday, 20 March 2010

you may steal my togas but you may not steal my lime light

My sister is two years younger than me, and is constantly in my room, stealing my things, using my laptop, borrowing tights (tights are hard to come by in our house) or taking photos of herself in my room! for those of you with younger sisters or brothers i'm sure you can relate, but i still find myself wondering why.
i like vintage clothing, quite feminine, girly florals, little black dresses, oversized jumpers and cardigans, super high heels and retro brogues or loafers, she likes heavy metal, rock, "emo" (whatever that means nowadays) black tee-shirts and skinny fit jeans with tears in them, leather jackets and denim, she has her nape pierced (back of neck) and short black hair with a streak or bright blue on the side, yet she somehow has this addiction to using my things, if i cant find something i look in her room, and shock horror there it lies.
i've tried many things to deter her, for one my room is hugely cluttered with half of my 64 pair collection of shoes or three quarters of my general wardrobe sprawled across the floor, bed and my victorian style dresser. i've had locks put on (all of which have been broken mysteriously) i tried reverse psychology telling her she can borrow whatever she wants as long as she lets me know (in my mind taking away the appeal of "ohhh im wearing her band new top and she doesnt know") i've even tried the "whatever you can do i can do better" with humongous fail as when i was caught borrowing something of hers i was told off (i thought once u reach 19 and are at university you couldnt get told off?!) yet when she took something of mine i just got a "your little sister doesnt have as many clothes as you -who does?!- and she admires you, take it as a compliment" PFFTT when i get my clothes back stinking of booze, weird aftershave or sick i am not a happy fashionista! so right now i have no option but to just leave her to it.... or move out, a very tempting option.
For whatever reason they do it younger siblings have been programmed to irritate, aggravate, annoy, pester and generally make themselves as much of a nuisance to older siblings since the dawn of time, its probably why jesus is shown as an only child in the bible, to pi$$ off his younger siblings "you may steal my togas but you will not steal my lime light"

Friday, 19 March 2010

My first post

Needless to say like most people i have started this blog because i have some spare time on my hands and because i think some of the things i have to say i wish i could share with other people. from topics covering fashion and the industry to politics (i don't know much about politics its just an emphasis so you get the idea that i'll be talking about an awful lot of different things)

i'll start with something easy to read i guess.

Fashion, like most things in our society is becoming more readily available, for people who wouldn't have even thought they would be able to buy into a trend it's happening, im devoting my first blog posting to Venté Privéé and Cocosa, bringing discounted designer clothing and accessories to people all over the world, and allow them to say "HAHA i have a designer hand bag too" to those snobs who thing their the bogs dollocks (spoonerism intended) because they have a mulberry bag! i salute you!