Saturday, 20 March 2010

you may steal my togas but you may not steal my lime light

My sister is two years younger than me, and is constantly in my room, stealing my things, using my laptop, borrowing tights (tights are hard to come by in our house) or taking photos of herself in my room! for those of you with younger sisters or brothers i'm sure you can relate, but i still find myself wondering why.
i like vintage clothing, quite feminine, girly florals, little black dresses, oversized jumpers and cardigans, super high heels and retro brogues or loafers, she likes heavy metal, rock, "emo" (whatever that means nowadays) black tee-shirts and skinny fit jeans with tears in them, leather jackets and denim, she has her nape pierced (back of neck) and short black hair with a streak or bright blue on the side, yet she somehow has this addiction to using my things, if i cant find something i look in her room, and shock horror there it lies.
i've tried many things to deter her, for one my room is hugely cluttered with half of my 64 pair collection of shoes or three quarters of my general wardrobe sprawled across the floor, bed and my victorian style dresser. i've had locks put on (all of which have been broken mysteriously) i tried reverse psychology telling her she can borrow whatever she wants as long as she lets me know (in my mind taking away the appeal of "ohhh im wearing her band new top and she doesnt know") i've even tried the "whatever you can do i can do better" with humongous fail as when i was caught borrowing something of hers i was told off (i thought once u reach 19 and are at university you couldnt get told off?!) yet when she took something of mine i just got a "your little sister doesnt have as many clothes as you -who does?!- and she admires you, take it as a compliment" PFFTT when i get my clothes back stinking of booze, weird aftershave or sick i am not a happy fashionista! so right now i have no option but to just leave her to it.... or move out, a very tempting option.
For whatever reason they do it younger siblings have been programmed to irritate, aggravate, annoy, pester and generally make themselves as much of a nuisance to older siblings since the dawn of time, its probably why jesus is shown as an only child in the bible, to pi$$ off his younger siblings "you may steal my togas but you will not steal my lime light"

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