Friday, 26 March 2010

Fur Faux Pas

I find myself wondering why the fashion world and particular people insist on selling and wearing REAL fur, and the argument i always get back from people is "well, do you eat meat? its exactly the same" well for those who actually are small minded enough to think like that no its not exactly the same. and for one i only eat free range meat, you don't get free range fur, organic fur or information on how the fur was caught and slaughtered. From what i know on meat -which is a fair amount as i use to be a vegetarian - it is generally done in a humane way if it has labels like "free range" on it.
I'm in no way belittling those who do own fur, its your choice to do so, personally i am against it but i would never have a full blown argument with someone who doesn't agree with me, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and make their own life choices but if you're considering buying fur the only advice i would give is to question the person/brand you buy from into how the animals are kept before so that you can have a clear mind when wearing it down the street.

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