Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Lady GaGa Music video

Lady GaGa has inspired us all with her new music video, only she can pull off the all in one leopard print body suit with matching drivers cap! It doesn't take many fashion brain cells to say that she isn't just any old music artist, her videos have their hidden meanings which can be interpreted differently by every other person, one person in which was offended and stricken by her new video "Telephone" featuring Beyonce, saying it has explicit content which he wouldn't want his kids watching, saying that the two role models should have put more thought into who would be watching their video and the content involved. When i first heard this i could not help but laugh out loud, after years and years of music videos being discriminative towards women making them into sexual objects someone picks up on a music video where two females take a thelma and louise approach to music.
Music and the sexualisation of woman has in particular come to my attention when i was out recently for a friends 18th. This particular club was generally playing R&B remixes the tone suddenly switched when the song genera swapped from general dance tunes to typical sexualised songs, which as you can probably guess, was about men getting their leg over, but what shocked me most was the fact that the men in the club became more and more pervy and learchy, as if they were really listening to the lyrics and taking them to heart, thinking they can have whoever they want in this place.
Over new years eve a 17 year old girl was sexually attacked behind a club i know to be playing these kinds of songs, obviously you cannot blame music for the actions of young men, but i for one am SICK to death of having to listen to these songs when im out with my girlfriends and suddenly wondering why there is suddenly a bigger crowd of perverts trying it on.
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