Sunday, 4 April 2010

Best to Access!

With spring upon us and summer around the corner season accessories are changing from knit, chunky, bold and bright to light, colourful, demure and statement!
accessory stables for summer;
  1. Handbag, all girls must have a summer basic handbag, this will depict your style for summer, wether its a canvas tote or a worn leather satchel this will set the mood! i suggest Vera Bradley if you want a beautiful bag, made with love thats just on the left hand side of middle of the road!
  2. Shoes, cute flats, neutral wedges, strappy sandals or peep-toes are it for summer! and remember to transform your shoes from day to night by using anklets -note, these can be attached to the shoes too usually is there is a strap or loop! i LOVELOVELOVE these sandals by steve madden but remember always make sure those piggies are clean and painted if your getting you feet out!
  3. Necklaces, Bracelets and earrings, these MUST be even, too much on the top ie statement earrings AND necklace will look off balance, even things out, ie peacock feather earrings and chunky bangles i think THE best place to buy these from on the high-street is accessorize, its fair prices with good brand image, if your on a very low budgets do not dismiss primark, as not many people will think of mixing and matching use existing items in your possession and mix with new, its a cheap way to get retro!
  4. Finally! something you may be yet to consider, and i may say that this is for the more daring or those who dont mind people admiring the heck out of your style! HEAD PIECES! this summers must have, last year they were slowly edging their way in with muted plates across the fringe/forehead area, now-BOOM- they are all over the high-street and not just in the shops, the fashion forward are wearing them too quite literally ON THE HIGH STREET! this is something that anyone can do, anything from a quirky little hair clip keeping your fringe to the side to a full on telephone on you face! play with it but make sure you follow the tip of matching to your hair and eye colours, it will make or break your outfit!

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