Tuesday, 20 April 2010

"yes i am... no i dont want to"

Whilst i was on holiday in cornwall, visiting our families local beach (watergate bay-its amazing check it out if your at that end of england) i suddenly realised that is was in fact Justin Lee Collins sat just slightly behind us with his wife and two adorable children. Of course it was his distinguishing voice that i noticed first, and then it was the fact everyone around was either staring or trying to make conversation with him.
What i found most amusing was the couple beside us, they had two children of their own, they had spotted JLC and decided to unpack stupidly close to our spot, something i thought was a bit off, there's like a unspoken of beach book of codes that states when the beach is empty you try to space yourselves out (we were there long be the couple and JLC). what was even stranger was the blatant ignoring of their own children untill JLC's childrens came over to them to play.
This slightly angered me, why on earth are people sooo fascinated by those in the public eye?! several families went over to them over the three hours my family was there, and all i was thinking was, his poor wife. every person went over to talk to the "celebrity" ignoring his wife, she sat there looking slightly bored, all they wanted to do was go to the beach and have some family time (well i assume) as if he had wanted attention surely he would have gone to central london and worn a giant tee-shirt saying "oh yes i am JLC" with "go on take a photo" on the back. therefore i think celebrities should all wear tee-shirts saying "yes i am" with "no i dont" on the back.
p.s. the man seemed very nice and friendly, considering how many people interrupted his family time and he managed to remain polite and considerate the entire time, not to mention his children had the funnest and sweetest laughs in the world!!

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