Thursday, 29 April 2010

Fashion Icons

Everyone has a fashion icon, wither its when your nan was young and a mod to agnes deyn, everyone has an image to aspire to, recently ive been surrounded by so many different styles i found that i had lost my own, a style that had previously set me apart from others (i live in a fairly small town) most of my clothing was second hand, and we have a wicked little charity shop which long story short sell beyond retro and rocket stuff for less than half the price! generally other people would have described my style as retro, anything from printed maxi dresses to old blazers with jeans, but suddenly i found myself thinking, what is my style at the moment?
Here is where the fashion icons come in, anyone can be your fashion icon and anyone who is having trouble sussing out their style can use an icon until they have slowly but surely altered it into their own life style.
Right now, my style icons are the olsen twins (MK for day Ashley for night), so baggy things that at the same time look sophisticated, or black blazers that look rather smart, one thing that i think people should never forget is that you dont have to constantly follow the same trend, i change my day to day wardrobe as it gives more confidence and generally people arent use to things that change they take more notice and generally i find more complements, even if had i worn the same style constantly i wouldnt have.

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