Saturday, 10 April 2010

one to watch

i think the one thing to watch this summer is maxi dresses, when they were "in" before it was simply that lots of celebs were wearing them, the public wasnt sure on how to make them look casual enough to get away with going to tescos or the cinema, but whats this?! now there are many basic maxi dresses available, newlook have some good simple black and general basic colour cotton style dresses, my advise for anyone not so sure about the trend is to carry a thin waist belt with you at all times and if you find yourself feeling a bit uncomfortable in your maxi slip the belt on and pull lots of fabric over the top, turning the maxi into a mid-length dress, something a bit less fashion forward.
if you want to go a bit more out there with your maxi i'd try getting them from indie boutiques, i found this amazing pastel floral maxi in a local indie in chelmsford, also dont be scared to look in shops you wouldnt normally, i must say there is no way you can make a "chavvy" maxi dress, as long as it isnt bedazzled!!
team with flipflops, wedges or converse (generally if you have a plain colour maxi) and the great thing about a maxi, it is a blank canvas for your accessories!

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