Sunday, 18 September 2011

Hop To It!

My trend prediction for the next 12 month will cause a lot of women distress, when attempting to empty their bladders on a night out... JUMPSUITS.
They are the almighty pain which means you have to practically get butt naked in order to use the lavatory! which is fine, as long as you have a good 20 minutes to spare each time you 'need to go' but I must issue a disclaimer: Do Not Take To A Festival... this will just end in sadness!
So you want proof? Well you ask and you shall receive!
Diane Kruger, Rihanna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna  are all fans of the peeing girls nightmare!

And the safest option for jumpsuits would be a black basic that has a straight cut leg. Jumpsuits by nature are a forward thinking persons outfit, you can't be a wall flower in one of these! By picking a basic all over colour the risk of a fashion faux pas is reduced. add a belt and you give that "is it a jumpsuit or pants and top?" vibe, which is always good! 
This basic jumpsuit is from ASOS and is £40. Team it with gold accessories and your ready to hit the town!
If your feeling more adventurous then try something a bit more colourful, and make a real evening of it by picking a jumpsuit that is sleeveless! This colour pop style jumpsuit would be perfectly teamed with some bright pastel heels and matching clutch. remember when revealing shoulders and neck the most flattering hair style (depending on face shape!) would be down! and BIG!

Monday, 12 September 2011

its been a while...

So this will be a general posting, a quick cover of what is going on with general tat (it says above, that there is a risk of general tat postings you have been warned...) here goes some general mumbling then!

So music, right now i can't stop listening to Bombay Bicycle Clubs new album. How Can You Swallow So much Sleep is an amazing way to open their new album. It's rather mellow and then POW that drum kicks in and its a completely different song. apparently it is going to/has been featured on the twilight soundtrack ( take off 10 cool points) now i've found this song on youtube however when comparing it to the tangible album, a real CD none of this downloaded from itunes jazz, it just isn't the same. 
So i'll do my bit for the sake of keeping HMV's financial head above water as suggest you go and spend that whole £9.99 on the cd and have a peek at the album art whilst your at it you lazy downloaders!!! 
another highlight of the album would have to be Lights Out, Words Gone. It kind of (ish) reminds me of lion king, i dont know why but its very raw.

So fashion... now i've been in cornwall for the last week, where fashion isn't exactly top priority. but whilst i was there i noticed the massive impact superdry has over there!!
This brand has been a 'one to watch' for a while and now is definitely the time to invest in a hoodie, teeshirt and maybe get down and skanky with it a get some joggers too! the fabrics are soft like a baby's back side, the colours are key for summer (and lets face it in england we want to remind ourselves that summer does come oh but once a year) however the sizes are totally off. my dad bought a shirt from there, he is a small man, usually takes a small teeshirt, he had to get a large. my sister is a size 8 she had to get a medium hoodie. but you can cut the size label out. all around, a pretty decent brand!
H. x