Monday, 22 March 2010

Job Interviews

There really isnt a lot of good advice when it comes to job interviews, i personally find them quite easy, im fairly confident, assertive and find it easy to convey my thoughts, however my sister is the complete opposite, she gets very nervous and is normally quite shy and quiet. Therefore i have decided to compile a list of things to mention when being interviewed by a fashion company (generally just shop floor work):
  • Research, even if this is just the night before the interview find out about the brand, this not only shows that you know about the brand but that you had the initiative to do preparation for the interview.
  • Your accomplishments, anything from i can speak confidently in public as i use to read out loud in my old english class to i made a sale of £500 on a customer who was "just browsing" the trick is not to boast about yourself but to show how you can use experiences to gain skills which would be further useful in another scenario
  • Dress to impress, if you have to wear a suit alter something to make yourself stand out, wearing a red flower in your blazer pocket, or a head band that stands out, by having something no one else does people will remember you, this works well in group interviews as an employer may not remember your name but they will remember "the girl with the red flower"
  • The dreaded "why do you want to work for us" question. the short truthful answer "im broke and want some money" and to be honest i HATE this question, hello love id like you to take a moment, step back and take a look, im a teenager (or a twenty something) im applying for a minimum wage PART-TIME job, why on earth do you think i want this job???? Clearly you cant say this to a potential employer, i always stick to a shocked look, "who wouldnt want to work here, from what ive heard (insert a lie about someone you know who works in a DIFFERENT branch) says they love working for **** personally i would like to work for such an esteemed company" obviously these answers will always be different as each interview will be different, try to relate something about your personality to the brand, for example Topshop / i am studying fashion.
  • Hand shake, unless they reach for you do not raise you hand, it is seen as rude and demanding
  • Smile, a smile goes a long way, unless you have huge braces and yellow teeth.
  • make-up, minimal, however if you want to portray a certian look for example black eyes red lips then make sure it is perfect and clean at the same time.
  • Shoes, make sure its comfortable, the last thing you want is killer heels distracting you from answering important questions
  • timing, get there early, i usually have half the size of my normal breakfast then grab something while im waiting so i can make sure im there on time!

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