Sunday, 21 March 2010

Capped Sleeves and other Fashion-Faux-Pas

Everyone has individual style and different attitudes towards fashion and clothing in general, if a picture is worth a thousand words an outfit is a priceless word count!
In my opinion there are a few no-nos for anyone who isnt build like a very tall twig, or a sense of self-respect:
  • Cap sleeves
  • Showing underwear
  • Clothes that are too small
  • Boot flare jeans with tight fitting tee-shirts (aka the white trash look, all u need is a trailer and a pink baseball cap with VonDutch on it)
The one thing that bothers me most is the cap sleeves issue, there seems to be this false rumour going around that they are flattering, this is a HUGE lie one which i believe was told from one girl to another when the question of "does this make my arms look fat" came up, clearly this other woman either was one of those friends who hates anyone who looks better than them, or was BLIND! which is still no excuse!

so to mothers everywhere SAY NO TO CAP!


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