Friday, 19 March 2010

My first post

Needless to say like most people i have started this blog because i have some spare time on my hands and because i think some of the things i have to say i wish i could share with other people. from topics covering fashion and the industry to politics (i don't know much about politics its just an emphasis so you get the idea that i'll be talking about an awful lot of different things)

i'll start with something easy to read i guess.

Fashion, like most things in our society is becoming more readily available, for people who wouldn't have even thought they would be able to buy into a trend it's happening, im devoting my first blog posting to Venté Privéé and Cocosa, bringing discounted designer clothing and accessories to people all over the world, and allow them to say "HAHA i have a designer hand bag too" to those snobs who thing their the bogs dollocks (spoonerism intended) because they have a mulberry bag! i salute you!

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