Sunday, 10 April 2011


This season hot list hand bag is..... its not about the bag!!! Its about how your holding it! 

Thats right peeps, doesn't matter if its Louis V or Evie its the way your clutching that bad boy!

So little miss moss has "started" this craze, however I think its fair to say that you hold a bag however the hell you wish!
So I'll start you off with the "clutch it to your chest" its simple enough, one arm across your body so it is just below your shoulder, bag in between your arm and body, this Topshop black leather clutch is perfect for this, and at £60 it will hardly break the bank. Big enough to carry a pair of flats on a night out or you i-pad in the day!
This is the "if you can afford it" alternative, at £980 this Louis Vuitton black clutch is much smaller, about 12' I believe, but without a doubt a thing of beauty!
This is the Dora Sweet bag by Lanvin, at a jaw dropping £1055 this WILL break your bank but its potentially wwi (well worth it!) hold this with a loose arm, pulling your finger tips around the bottom, leaning against your leg. Just be wary not to stuff it too heavy or this new holding technique will become hazardous (to the bag obviously!)
This is my alternative to the Lavin above, from urban outfitters it is priced at £102, rather random but pretty cute if you ask me! It comes in many different colours, and goes with the colour pop trend working its rounds this summer, I love the yellow, orange, pink, well all of the colours but i dont have that many 100's in my bank ... yet!
This is my ultimate holiday clutch! Hold as any of the above, or squished between your armpit and arm, like you would with a piece of paper. It is from Accessorize and hits only £32! embroidery will be hitting the scene pretty soon and snap this up before other people cotton on and become an opinion leader! Perfect for a holiday in the sunshine or team with a maxi and go for a stroll around London or Cambridge. Also, seeing as everyone is talking about weddings now I would say this would be a smash hit at one of those!
H. x

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