Friday, 23 March 2012

So i'm not feeling a fashion post today, well not completely, this weather makes me feel the need to turn my ipod on full blast and listen to the summeriest tunes to will the weather to get even better!

And what little gem of tun-age have i found recently? only a little darling who goes by the name of Florrie. You might recognise her from the Nina Ricci purfume advert (i'm pretty sure she even sang the tune for the ad too!)
Introducing the so very talented, Florrie, model, drummer, chic-beast. I have face envy right now. 
This is probably, almost, definitely my favourite song from her EP and guess what?? you can get it for free on her website!! 
This girl is going to go very, very far, watch this SPACE!
H. x

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