Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Mr Monroe, Where Have You Been All My Life??

Alex Monroe is becoming a huge name in the jewellery industry. He grew up in the country side and this is clear in his work. Turning fine embellishments into an art form, his work has become widely available on the high-street. From Liberties, Selfridges and many other high-end boutiques in the city to small shops out in the sticks! & rightly so, his work is unimaginably beautiful. I will leave your eyes to prove it to you.

His website clearly displays his different collections, including my favourite, the classic feather. I am fortunate enough to have purchased this myself after spotting it on the Harrods website. I love that you can see the texture in the piece, and I simply cannot wait for it to arrive!!
 Along with the theme of feathers, there is also a bird/gardner collection. This bird pearl necklace at £138, is a snip in comparison to his other pieces. The detailing on the piece is exquisite and worth the price tag given to it.

Another area of his inspiration lies in peacock feathers, these earrings, like every other piece in his range are beyond attractive. They would be prefect on some young thing whilst holidaying on a remote beach somewhere.
Another feather piece, which I may need to open a credit card account for! at £150 it is more steep but still an investment piece, i can only imagine Monroe becoming bigger and better as the seasons fly by.
 It is designers like this that aid the age old argument of wither or not fashion is an art form or not. surely if you are spending £1,900 on a 'fashion ring' then you clearly have more money than sense however people spend thousands of pounds on 'art' pieces every day! (although i must say i use this excuse many times when i go shopping) Monroe's work is clearly that of an art form.
 Charms are another area of work for Monroe, this rabbit £300, can be attached to either a necklace charm or charm bracelet. 
Finally many of his pieces are influenced by none other than a twig. his rings are amazing, they give a sense of timelessness along with avant garde fashion.

I have simply run out of things to say about this amazing designer, if you look up effortless chic in the fashion dictionary you will find the words "Alex Monroe"...
H. x

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