Sunday, 5 February 2012

If You're Ears Are Burning, Find Some New Tunes

About three years ago I fell in love with a quirky blonde, with upbeat tunes and fashion taste even Donatello would be envious of.... Of course I'm talking about the Asteroids Galaxy Tour. 

Doing one of my many boredom searches on youtube caused my relentless fingertips to find this sweet little number, and the love story re-embarks on its third consecutive year. 

This is their new single for 2012, Heart Attack! 
And if you're scratching your noggin' wondering where you recognise the singer, Mette Lindberg, and vocals from, its the telly. They were featured on the i-pod adverts in 2008...  

....and then again in the Heineken advert last year!

It's fair to say you should have heard of them by now, and if you haven't I feel this blog post is basically doing a national service to you all! 
They are currently touring in America, but finish their last gig there on the 13th!! I would advise you to flock in your numbers if you are already over there!!
H. x

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