Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Everyone's Talking About Gwyn!!!

And quite frankly, I can understand why! Her Harpers Bazaar cover is RIDIC!!! In fact it is so out of this world, I felt obliged to make this my first 2-in-1-day blog post, exciting stuff i know. 
So I am yet to pick up a copy of the US mag, but will probably scoop it up tomorrow as I'm going into central, and if there is anything worth posting I wont let you guys down! 

These images are quite simply stunning, the black geometric design flatters her body in ways only underwear usually does, it helps that she has a figure to die for. I'm also loving the retro-feel hair, something that has been predicted to make a return to the catwalk for a little while now. WATCH THIS SPACE! 

 I must admit though, I have never liked pant-suits or jump-suits, and I am yet to be converted by this image. I do think there are stronger pictures, but I have seen the subscribers cover and it is worth checking out!

The only issue (see what i done there, hehe -lame-) I do have with what i've read so far online is what she has said about her eating habits. Now I am not usually one to comment on these things, its the complete norm' for uber thin, toned and bangin' celebs to say they eat junk food all the time, when everyone knows they push half a celery stick around their plate for 17 minutes and call it dinner time. However ol' gwynie here is KNOWN for her macro-biotic diet yet said this: "I eat whatever I want. I like bread and cheese and wine, and that makes my life fun and enjoyable.” hmmmm you're interview is telling me one thing, yet your legs say something else.

Either way, I'm not going to judge (much) she is an amazing personality, I loved her on Glee, and I have huge hair envy right now. 

H. x


  1. Great post, she looks stunning, she is definitely ageing gracefully; Fierce!

  2. she definitely is! if only we could all age like her *sighs*