Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Magpie Jumpers & Pea Coats

A short update on what I’m wearing for the slow transition into harsher weather Britain is currently undergoing!

As per-usual, the Christmas season allowed us magpies to indulge in some glitter and sequin pieces. I have been embracing my inner magpie with the jumper I bought in the Zara sale, for £16.99 non the less! I have an old vintage shirt that did belong to my grandmother, its black with sturdy should-pads (another secret obsession of mine) which I have been wearing underneath. The black collar is bang on trend at the moment, and adds that bit of razzle dazzle to any outfit. As I am currently absent a camera man I was not able to photograph the shoes I usually wear with it (to be honest I don’t want this blog to turn into a photomontage of me so its probably for the best, I’m not that vain to do this all the time) But I have a black pair of Chelsea boots that are great for the day time and add a bit of originality to the look. ‘Cause, you know, I’m clearly the only person to ever own a pair of black Chelsea boots… ok maybe not but it adds that jour ne se qua !!

Also I popped into my local NEXT outlet store (Choice, to those familiar with Harlow town) and found this beyond cute beige pea coat. Now, there is never such as thing as too many coats, like too many men, friends, A-Levels or lipsticks. I now have 15 coats, and counting by the looks of things. However, as I am prepping my wardrobe for my city break to Berlin I thought the coat would be rather suitable. It will go with basically everything and at £24.50 (down from £65) it was a big of a bargin. David Dickenson eat your mahogany heart out!

And that rounds up my “short” update. And for anyone who resides in London, I am going to the sale launch of the very trendy Frokney Rebel vintage store on Thursday (tomorrow/the 2nd) everyone should check it out!! (It’s on Cambridge Heath Road, opposite the station by Bethnal Green)

H. x

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