Friday, 27 January 2012

Go Forth & Shop: Vera Moda

My new favourite brand of the moment is Vera Moda, I don't know much about the brand itself, but boy is their new line banging ! ! ! 
Their most recent additions include a range they are calling "Hot Under The Collar" and it's not the only place it makes me hot... I'm referring to my credit card durrrr 
They have, oh so cleverly, chosen Alexa Chung as their face of the range, and I must admit I'm not as in love with the girl as I was two year (and about two stone) ago, but she is weurking it!!

The peter-pan collar is set to make a reappearance on the high-street. Why the heck this hasn't happened sooner baffles me, they are cute, quirky and add charm to any outfit, and unlike maxi/midi dresses, or mini skirts or chunky knits you don't need to be a particular body shape to pull them off!

I love the effortlessness of the images they are using for their campaign, when I was at the Westfield centre in Stratford earlier today I was instantly drawn in by the effortless chic of the window displays and visuals. Something a lot of stores ignore, maintain that a brand name will pull in the customers. Vera Moda know their customers are in the honey moon phase ( I certainly am!) and want to keep the excitement going for as long as possible.

I simply cannot wait for the rest of this collection to be revealed, however I would say that their website needs updating massively. Compared to the shops it seems boring and very 'I rushed this to get it out there' which is a shame because had I already not seen the stores I probably wouldn't bother with the brand itself if I based my opinion on the website.

This is one of my favourite pieces, simple, casual, wear it to work or for lunch with the girls in the city. DONE AND DONE.

This dress screams preppy school girl, and for that I welcome it to my most wanted list. Also with autumn arriving shortly it is a good idea to invest in some short sleeved dresses and tops. This way they:
A) don't bulk out your coat sleeves
B) add to layering, another trend fast approaching, also making cooling down easier
C) will encourage the ladies to get their wax on, winter is over and I want to see some bare pits girlies!!! 

Finally, I bought this top for myself actually, and had I not decided to do this post last minute whilst I'm in bed waiting for the sand man to put some sleep in my eyes, I may have actually posted some pictures of what it looks like on. But if I did that then I'd feel the need to do it with all of my new purchases. 

Anyway, the short of it all is this: Vera Moda has the power to change you life, well your A/W wardrobe, but for me that is a power not to be challenged nor abused.

Go forth and shop!!
H. x


  1. Oooh I do love Vero Moda I must say! I did catch a glimpse of this line, but that last top is something lovely!

    I really like your blog and recently followed! :)

    If you want you can check out my blog

  2. lovely blog treacle! i will definitely be returning to Vera Moda once my next student finance instalment comes through :D