Thursday, 12 January 2012

Button Me Up!

So it may seem a little pointless that I am writing about coats when the cold weather is about to leave, never to darken our doorsteps, well for another few months at least. But alas, a blog post about coats there will be! 
So i'll start with the basic, masculine coats. pretty key for s/s12 i believe. they are great if your style is very textured, as there are plenty of styles in woolen greys, dog-tooth and navy. three colours and patterns that aid a textured look. layering is also key. so pop into any woolen shop and splurge on a big fat chunky knitted scarf to complete the look.
Below are two options, one being a menswear coat, for the more daring of you! both at Zara.

Another key trend that will develop into summer lines is the sports jacket, in 2010 we were bombarded with old school american football jackets, which lets face it, flatter no one and make you look like a 12 year old. However with Stella McCartney designing for the British olympic team there has been a bit more effort put into the sporty styled clothing lines this year. Two tone will be a key element, white and black being quite basic, obvious options. Along with leather being used as an accent to the garments. However, as i usually say, the more avant garde the trend, the more money you should invest in the pieces you buy. Primark's take on sporty jackets will not be as quality driven as say, Reiss.

Finally, my last trend for ss/12 coats will be... Black Magic. a mix of metalics and the dark, gothic, lolita look. now clearly this trend has now been banging around in the back of our wardrobes for quite a while now, distressed leather jackets, PU mock leather is coming out of the high-street retailers eye balls right now. but they have a point. anyone can wear it. a cropped biker jacket adds so much style and jazz to an outfit. potentially the easiest thing to wear for ss/12. if you are going to invest in a real leather jacket i would suggest a specialist leather shop. Cambridge have a pretty nifty selection. or a high market shop such as Hobbs, or jaeger, who wont stock 'fad' trend pieces. Waterfall style leather jackets will also see a stabilisation within the industry. and who could argue with that!!!
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