Sunday, 15 January 2012


I thought I would take some time to revel in the glory of a few people, of today, I aspire to or just plain old respect in general. 

 Daisy Lowe - Fo' Show, she's a great personality and with a figure like that you really dont need to be a nice person, but she seems very accessible and a real peoples person!

Olsen Sisters - Fashion's tongue twisters. Sure their style is trash bag chic, but the fact is, this generation has grown up with them, and that, my friends is an advertising ploy money cant buy! 

Lara Stone - A queen on her catwalk throne. Stone is model royalty, another good role model (no pun intended there) putting humour, enjoyment and laughter before most things.

Alison Mosshart - A right ol' band tart. not really, basically up there with all the great, a wonderful artist/musician or whatever people want to call it now. pretty darn rock and roll too. 

The Miller Girls, Life's all Diamonds and Pearls. Their clothing line is beyond amazing, and although there is a lot of jealous hate going around for them, you gotta hand it to them. if life was a game, they are winning.
H. x

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