Monday, 9 January 2012


What did I do this weekend? Went shopping, DURRR! The theme of this week was accessories, with specific reference to rings. The first of my purchases are these AMAZING ear-rings, from topshop at £7.50 they are very grunge chic, which is hot hot hot at the moment.

I have two piercings in both my ears, so thought i would try doubling them up on one side...

 So here comes the rings. I seem to have developed a rather morbid obsession with rings recently, probably to cover my stumpy finger (thanks dad, genetics aren't your strong point) Firstly the following are all from H&M at £6.99 for the first three, the last one was from Topshop again, about £3 in the sale. I use these to add bulk to a look. 

These are also from Topshop, about £6 for the three, which is a bit steep, considering they are very small, but they go with everything!!! i would add these to the plain rings above to create the illusion of a bigger, more structured ring.

This is one of my most prized possessions, I got this sterling silver ring when i was at a market in Lanzarote last year, its beautiful and was only €25!! I try not to wear it too much as it is a bit loose...

Another fav of mine is this, which i picked up on portobello road market last summer with a friend, i was rather happy i saw it first, as she would have snapped it up otherwise! Markets are one of the best places to find one of a kind jewellery, but i'd stay clear of earrings as you dont know how clean they will be, rings are a pretty safe bet, along with bracelets and necklaces!

This is the ring stand i got for christmas from my grandparents, it is full already! might need another one, although i love that it is a scotty dog! 

H. x


  1. I have those earrings from topshop, I love them! Ive nominated you for the versatile blogger award that is going around!!x

  2. wow!! It 's all lovely! ;)