Tuesday, 17 January 2012

And The Award Goes To.....

This week was the 69th Golden Globes awards, celebrating... errr something about films? I'm not going to google it and pretend I know who the founder was/is or who it honoured this year, because if you are reading my blog (on the off chance someone reads my drivel) it's not for my critic of films. Lets get down to FASHION.

Lea Michele wears Marchesa Illusion Dress. 
I find this a corker of a dress, I mean when people say fashion isn't art, I show them images of garments such as this! Totally unpractical, I'm sure her chest was firmly in place with boob-tape and the train definitely had some people assigned to carry it, but completely and utterly worth it!!

Charlize Theron in Dior Couture
I'm not usually a fan of ms Therons style but you gotta hand it to her (or her stylist) this is a bit of a show stopper!! The muted pink is exaggerated by the blindingly red carpet, something all a-listers need to be aware of, yet not all pay attention to!

Kirsten Wiig in Bill Blass
Kirsten's dress (it is a dress, first glance does make it look slightly jump-suit-esk, but i checked) is perfect for someone who hasn't stepped out on old red as often as the usual suspect to the Golden Globes. The colour is spot on for her, and personally, I am in love with knot feature on the top half! Utter perfection!!

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