Monday, 28 February 2011

late night blogging...

So, I am about as bored as Bill Gates at a Beauty salon! I figured I would write a list of things that i think are super-duper!

  • Flowers in bottles of Moet filled with water rather than champage (i have one on my desk right now and the flowers have lasted 2weeks and 3 days so far...weird, maybe the champers makes them last longer?)
  • Fairy lights blue-tacked around an oversized mirror
  • The massive blankets my nan knits for me (my housemates are tight and dont like the heating to be on)
  • My sisters part shaved head, and her friends fully shaved head (that's you phoebe if you read this!)
  • Daisy chains
  • Taking cab rides through london bridge when it is late and all i see are the lights and outlines of buildings
  • Smoking out of a window
  • Long walks in london
  • Silly named cocktails
  • Cocktails

so this list may well have some more things being added to it in the near future but that is pretty much it so far...

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