Monday, 28 February 2011


Since I moved to London I've found that I have settled into live here, just the other day I realised that I have never done the tourist-y things. So I have decided that from now on every sunday I am going to go on a walk, just me and my camera, about London.
Yesterday I ventured down to St. Paul's.

London is full of inspiration, and I love this image of St. Paul's. I took it directly underneath the building so I could get a good view of all the architecture that has gone into the building.

Yellow is my favourite colour, and these tiny little flowers outside cheapside shopping centre 'one new change' *barf* were really cute!

yes this is a rather boring post to most of you i bet, however i have saved THE BEST for last.... oh no yours eyes do not deceive you... KNIGHTRIDER street. LOVELOVELOVE!


  1. Nice Blog Hun :-) Keep it up cant wait to see more from you X

  2. You're lucky you live in London :D