Saturday, 26 February 2011

London Fashion Week

LFW has been and gone now, but would you have realised it? I have seen no footage on the news, in papers, even just in general. No one seems to be talking about it!
This is a massive controversy! London fashion week is something I look forward to hearing about every year, and now I am in london myself LFW decides that since reaching the big 3-0, although im sure she tells everyone she's still 25, that she will become the shy and retiring type. Of course there has been a lot of "breaking news" recently, the conflicts in Egypt and with, well everyone in general. But this week is a british, and quite frankly a world-wide, tradition. We don our most avant-garde outfits, the tallest heels, the most clean and sleek make-up and wonder the streets of London hoping to catch a location where a show is being held.
Well -if anyone actually reads the nonsense I write about- it might interest you to know that I managed to snag myself a ticket to see the House of Holland show. And I must say, as the first official London Fashion Week show I have ever attended, I was thoroughly impressed. And I shall put my hands up now and say that I don't know if the music or the much more commercial clothing that won me over.

The house opened with the sound of a vinyl about to play, but then a beat kicked in and WHAM out blare The Shirelles with Mama Said! All the music was very 'my gran gave me all her old vinyls, i dont want to be ungrateful, but ...' which was FAB! The music was provided by the MisShapes and I have been internet stalking as much as I possibly can but cannot find the mix tape they used! This set the tone for the rest of the show. It was fun, and had just the right amount of vintage mixed with some very modern silhouettes, a thick tweed body with sleeves, it looked like a modern swim-suit. This was probably the only piece that, realistically, is unwearable in public. And i realise that people wear bodies under jeans, but after really looking at the fabric I came to the conclusion that the tweed was too thick to wear under clothing, unless you are a size 6.

The highlight of the show for me would have to be the second from last dress. I cannot recall exactly what it looks like and google has failed me AGAIN, but it was beautiful. Fitted on top, nipped in at the waist and flaring out at the bottom, falling just above the knee, sequins in the style of a granma knitted throw!
Another highlight was the hair. So simply yet so trendy. A simply pony tail with a few 'i slept with it like this' kinks in it, very waspy and i think possibly a competitor for summer hit hair style this year.
The colours were also something that grabbed me, I'm a sucker for anything in burnt orange and this really hit the spot for me. Mixed with the peals, it's a definite win. Only down side, those ghastly oval loop pearl earrings.
H. x


  1. Oh my days we study like the same course, but mines Retail Buying with Fashion Design and your sooo pretty.

    Following back..x

  2. interesting observation, when i think about it, indeed, not much about lfw in general media.

  3. You have such a great writing style! I love the last look! I'm not really into orange before but now I'm all over it! xoxoxoo

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