Thursday, 13 January 2011


Being a student and all the last month has been both a blur and totally brill!
So with my xmas cheque i managed to scoop a halston dress from selfridges for £50!! thats right kids for £50 you can dye your hair, book a travel lodge or buy a fucking halston dress! i could not believe my eyes! and then i see it on ASOS for £119! BARGIN! ps it was also the one featured in SATC2 but mine electric blue!

This got me thinking about desire brands, Halston has actually been mine since the ripe ol' age of 16 (when i saw goks fashion fix, oh yes i was one of THOSE kids) and I knew my first offical designer buy would have to be halston! although i did snag a mark jacobs cocktail dress from a charity shop for £35! looks like once a year the discount designer fairy pays me a visit! and therefore i would like to dedicate this post to her!

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