Thursday, 21 October 2010

why grandma, what chunky knits you have!?

I a completely SOLD on the new Dolce and Gabanna A/W collection!!
Full of chunky knits and winter wonder lane prints, it has a hint of christmas, enough to get you excited, addicted and curious all at the same time....

See what i mean!!??

You are probably wondering -why is she dangling this big fat juicy carrot in front of me when i know i cant bite!?- well my friends and fellow bloggers, i have some ways of getting the look, now dont get too excited, these are not cheap knock off versions, they are simply high-street clothing but you know what!? If you wear and walk with enough confidence you can pull it off!

This chunky cardigan knit is from zara, about £39.99 but adorable, i suggest to get the look less girly and more dolce and gi-banna belt it rather than button it (even remove the buttons all together) wear with a clean cut shirt buttoned to the top (topshop have some great chiffon type shirts at the moment for as little as £30) with some stirrup leggings in either dark grey or navy -not black- with riding style boots or some of those open ankle boots (we all know the type, the ones with the zips on the sides) with some slightly worn out leg warmers pushed down.

These are my prediction of what the new uggs will be, lets be honest here, uggs are a dying breed. They are bad for your feet (when they slip over the edge of the foam bottom, yup you know, that damages the muscles in your foot)!! These are the new and improved version, and the great thing is that even though they are not on the market yet you can quite simply DIY it! just get some old boots -or pop down to the local charity shop and get some- and head over to a fabric shop (having measured you boots first) buy what ever fur/faux fur you like and grab that super glue!
Finally i have a more casual take on the look, this is great for work, day outtings or college. Team some tapered trousers (my fav are cigarette pants right now) teamed with a shirt (yes it is very much like the image!) but my twist would have to be a thin silk scarf under the collar, something else i think will begin to pick up shortly! tie it into a bow and have it hanging over the jumper, this one is also from zara, im totally addicted to this shop now!! and either brogues, loafers, or thick heeled sky scrapers! -dont forget quirkiness with some lace trimmed socks on show between the hem of the trouser and the shoe!!

Keep you eyes peeled here for some winter coats coming very soon!!

H. x


  1. winter has always been my favourite season, for this very reason... hey that rhymed!
    haha love your blog, keep up the good stuff

  2. I love the D&G collecion! So pretty!

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