Wednesday, 20 October 2010


This month is all about the weird, the wonderful and the oh so out there!

I'll start with weird: Mystery Jets
If the hair isn't selling it to you then check out their old song -half in love with elizabeth- or their new song - show me the light- which is out for single release on the 1st november!
Nearest London gig : 11th november (2010) at the roundhouse in Camden, needless to say i will be there!!

Now for the wonderful...

Dinosaur Pile Up!!
Now i dont want to hype these guys up to a silly standard, but i have two very powerful words Nirvana. Ok i know its only one word but its soo bloody powerful it deserves to be compared to two words, really it does!
My fav song would have to be Up summer hit single however by boyfriends would probable have to be My rock and roll.
They have been on the D.L. for some time now, but having been signed to rough trade and with gig upon gig upcoming, i would definitely rate them right now! besides they actually came to my little town of harlow and played there! therefore i automatically love them!
Next London gig: KCLSU 17th November (2010) then nothing in london for a while!! =(

Finally!! The oh so down right Out There!!!
This is a band i have only just got into, thank god i have good friends that can keep me up to date with these things!!
Everything Everything is the band im talking about!! now this isnt for everyone, they are very out there, in a kind of if the foals, MGMT, pink floyd, white lies and some wierdo from manchester had a love child, and this child hit his head at a young age and has never really been the same since...

I have only listened to this album, but i am completely SOLD on it!
Two best songs would have to be number uno my keys your boyfriend, purely because it sets the standard for the rest of the album! and secondly, and thirdly because i couldnt decide are Qwerty Finger and Suffragette Suffragette. the riffs speak volumes, the lyrics are pure genius (in suffragette suffragette it sounds like he sings "who's gona sit on your face when im gone" which amuses me endlessly) and it is so painstakingly different and it is nice for a change!
Let me know of any new bands i should comment on!!
H. x

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