Sunday, 10 October 2010

it's been a while....

So I am now all moved into my LOVELY and very -very- darling new house in haringey. I've put my own stamp on my room via fairy lights -one set of which my dear dear friend Iga Honeyman bought me- and a mix of family, friends and beautiful photos and magazine cuttings.
This is a new phase of my life and i am so grateful for it. i have a new start and i'm gona put my mark on the fashion industry, i have several work placements lined up and just cannot wait to start them!!
also cannot wait to add to my apple collection of laptop and ipod touch a iphone 4! right now my life is super super crazy busy but i've grown to realise that this is how i like it! in between studying at the AMAZING and very well reputed London College of Fashion, and working at the newest topshop in knightsbridge -which i love love love- ok it might be to do with the MASSIVE discount but still the people are beyond!!- i'm constantly on the look out for new things to report on!
and last night whilst on my way out to see marina and the diamonds i spotted a booklet on the tube outside highbury and islington, Biba has returned!!! and the pricing isnt out of reach for ANYONE!!!
this is House of Fraser and the link to where you can purchase the biba a/w collection.
My favourite piece must must must be the lily print dress in their luxe range! its beautiful! i know where my next pay cheque will be going!!

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