Tuesday, 12 October 2010

These window's were not Microsoft's idea!

Lanvin parisian window display

Window, window, on the shop who's the fairest of the crop?!

This is a selection of some amazing window designs i have stubbled across, i believe that if fashion is an art form then windows are the gallery in which they are displayed! The image above is by far my favourite! it is so simple yet so beautiful! i love how it appears to be balloon like yet very very aesthetically pleasing!

Bergdort window display
The back drop of this window is entirely post-its!! to me it's saying that this woman works, and gets very board at work, so post-its are a vital role of her life!

I cannot remember where i found this image but it is just so visually pleasing!
This window is a Matthew Williamson design inspired by Gossip girl! who would have thought it huh?!

This is an Apple store window for a new i-pod hi-fi, this is not very fashion related but i think it is just soo ironic and distracting i just had to put it in!

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  1. Matthew Williamson is one smart guy :D ! & the apple window is pure genius :D