Sunday, 1 April 2012

Work It - The Bag Edition

I do believe it is getting to that point in the year where us students are beginning to look for a real job, join the working class, become a paper pusher for some big company where no one really knows who you are or what you do, being called 'the new girl' until some poor sucker starts work and they don the name-tag. 

So this has given me the inspiration to do a post based on the perfect work bag. 

Bags, to me, are hard things to come by, either they aren't real leather and fall apart at the seems after three weeks of hard wear, or they are just rather boring, or too expensive, or too cheap looking. There is a fine line between the perfect bag for work and the worst bag choice; the first impression counts, and I for one, do not wish to be known as the girl who had to carry all her work things come in a Waitrose bag because her strap broke on the first day!

This little beaut is from River Island, at £50 its a pretty spot on price point for those who are being paid a month in arrears and cannot afford much right now. Although it doesn't look so sturdy it would be perfectly suitable for the first few months of work, so long as you're not cramming it full of dictionaries.
This is a personal favourite, from zara at £59.99 this would fit a fair amount in it, without buckling at the seems every time you pick it up. Although I wouldn't advise it for a person who would be carrying it long distances, the small handle means back pain if used too long. I think the colour of this is just lovely.
This stunning piece of crafted leather is non other than an Anya Hindmarch Bruton bag, as seen on the likes of Olivia Palermo and Jessica Alba. With a heavy price tag (£895) I guess this will be going in the "for when I'm a CEO" part of my life, but it is still a creature of beauty, not to be messed with, judged or under-appriciated 
Yes this is another Zara handbag, but I must say, at £99.99 its pretty cute, ticks all my boxes for a work bag, that's fo' sho' it also is THE perfect desk to dinner bag, fits all work stuffs in it, plus maybe a small make-up bag. This will almost definitely be the bag I will have for my first job (fingers crosses!!)
Finally, a pick that would suit everyone, the Cambridge Satchel Company make the most amazing bags, all leather, so many different colours to pick from, and they emboss for an extra £5 a letter! A basic satchel will set you back only £74 and they are becoming a rather well recognised brand name. Perfect you say? Well that's not the half of it, these bags are perfect for work, day, a casual evening out, ticking all the boxes and then some!!
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