Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Looney Tunes

So, a lot of people argue my belief that music and fashion are closely connected. I could talk for days about how this is pretty much a fact. I thought I would continue with the music based posts for my blog. I dont care what you think, my music and my fashion are potentially the two most important parts of my personality. And I am going to share these with you.
Firstly I should probably thank my close friend Alex for getting me back into finding new music, there's only so much Nicki Minaj one girl can listen to.

M83 are, from my understanding (well my reading of Wikipedia to be honest) are a french/spanish lot, with some banging tunes. You may recognise this song from Made in Chelsea. But they have been around for a few years, so rub the justin bieber out of your lug holes and take a listen to this.

Yukon Blonde are another fine example of indie music. the perfect soundtrack for summer, if it wants to hurry up and get here that would be perfect!

And yes, girls and boys, I have saved the best till last. Alabama Shakes are a lovely little set up, with a wicked vocalist, find this sound no where else. They have great potential to go very very far, and boy god I hope they do.

H. x

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