Friday, 6 April 2012

The Little Red Dress

In the spirit of all things single, I'm doing a post on the perfect little red dress (LRD). I recently red (see what I did there?) an article about how women who wear red out are more likely to attract male attention, now I cannot stress enough that 
1) I do not plan on going out and buying lots of red dresses in the attempt to end my spinster status, I quite like it
2) I have counted, and i own one red dress, one red poka-dot dress and one with birds on it. My wardrobe is massive, so these three dresses make up about 0.2% of my clothes
3) I quite simply found this little 'fact' interesting and wanted to research potential LRD's

So here goes..

Perfect for day time, and quite frankly this is my number one from the selection. Asos £32. 
I'm probably a little too into the sloughy chic right now, I guess it's a mix of practicality and this "sexy but doesn't know it" persona, which this dress reflects perfectly.

One part candy girls, one part lolly pop and a hint of yummy mummy, this dress is a sweet little thing. The cut is good for someone a bit less endowed in the chest department, or someone who nips in most at the waist. Next £45.

This is a bit more on the work front, desk to dinner is a look many struggle to fulfil but this Calvin Klein number fits the bill perfectly. It is clearly a CK creation, simply, elegant, masterfully cut, and with only the best fabric available to mankind. At £180 you definitely need a well paid job to be able to go from desk to dinner in it though!

Another personal favourite. Topshop and a snip at £30, I mean you can't really go wrong with Topshop anyway but this shift allows for movement, yet at a shorter length still gives an air sexy.

Finally, a Westwood Anglomania dress. Well it would only be fair that, if we are talking about bright colour and impeccable design, I mention Westwood. You might need to sell your kidney to fund this purchase at £205, but still, that's why we have two.

H. x

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